Thanks for taking the top to stop by. In case you don't know. I am Christopher Wright. As I am sure you know that 2020 Changed everything. For some it was a chaotic nightmare. And for others it was opportunity. With the uncertainty of today and where things ended up in the world of online shopping. This where everything makes the most sense. 

As for me I am out of Wichita, Kansas. I have been online for a long time. I enjoy going to church, studying the scriptures, traveling and adding value to the lives of other people. And I hope to do the same for you. If you would like to get to know me more on a person or professional level there are two press releases that I have written. The contain both video and written information.

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  1. About Me : Part One 
  2. About Me : Part Two 

This website is simple and easy to use. Be mindful this is not a site where transactions actually take place. The purpose of this website is set up as a tool that will allow me to effectively serve you on a personal level. I want to personally be apart of your experience. I know in the beginning it can be a bit overwhelming and annoying at times. But once we get to where it is that we are going you will thank me and you will thank yourself. 

Just a few things that you can expect should you consider me as your online shopping consultant. 

  • This service is 100% free to you. You don't have to pay me anything. The only thing it cost is time. 
  • You're going to earn upto 50% cash back on 100% of all of your purchases. 
  • You're going to have free shipping on 99.99% of all your orders more than $100. 
  • You're going to get access to credit building interest free buying power. 
  • You will have access to powerful desktop, tablet, and cell phone apps to ensure you're getting the best available.
  • You're going to get unlimited support. I will get you plugged in and keep you upto date on the latest.         

It just makes sense to get rewarded for the things you're already doing anyway right?