Hey thanks for stopping by to check out my Resources. This information is to share with you some of the traffic sources that I use for hits to my site. You’re welcome to try them out for yourself they are free. Resources are a must.


Success requires three things. 

  1. Tools = utility and capability
  2. Resources = possibilities.
  3. Know How = a solid process of execution. 

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It is  common  most of us who are in business understand the importance of traffic, leads and sales. The life line is what we call it.  Master the basics and move on. A traffic source is the exact same thing as a lead source. Understand that “people” are your traffic, and leads. Any money you ear will come from other people. Always do the right things. Drop the hammer of value down every where you have presences. You will get the results you want. Consistency is key. 




Has brought consistent traffic. I have closed more sales directly on this platform social media. This is a safe lists with quality leads. I like having additional back linking to my original content sources. It helps with ranking. You can get eyes on your lead generation system. 



Herculist is powerful I have experienced using many different safe list. With herculist I actually have people opt in. Clicks are nice. Opt ins are better.  You can email 75,000 per day for only $24.95 a year. You have access to 27 million people a year. Traffic is important to generate leads. It is necessary for sales. I highly recommend this Resource to anyone. 

Splash Page Surfer

This traffic exchange was referred to me by a friend from Sweden. I have been using everything listed for several years now. These are great for traffic hits which helps with site ranking. Learn to create powerful content that converts.

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