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4 Legitimate Ways To Earn Money


Out of the 7 genres that exists only 3 make logical sense to participate in. There are only four legitimate or legal ways to approach building it. Anything else outside what I mention are illegal. When it comes to making a decision. When it comes to your choices I wanted to keep everything simple. All the research has practically been done for you. Because I have hit all of the basic building blocks necessary to help you make a powerful yet informed decision. 

I started by introducing myself I hope that you reviewed that information you can view the index of my blog content just CLICK HERE. My articles are organized in reverse chronological order the most recent post first. And then the previous one so on and so forth. You can go back as far as it will let you go. If you're on my mailing list and you're following and paying attention all of my content was already or will be sent to you in a specific order of priority. 

This is "YOUR SIMPLE PATH TO SUCCESS" I wanted to give you something that you could follow. Because I want to bring clarity and eliminate as much confusion and guess work on your part. If you want to earn money by participating in the home based business industry you do have some options. Some logical ones and some not so logical. 

I have already covered everyone they are the following: 

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Traffic, Leads, and Sales + Education, Training, and Coaching
  3. Financial Education or Literacy
  4. Travel Services
  5. Ecommerce
  6. Trading (domestic or foreign)
  7. Digital or Crypto Currency

You're welcome to do additional research but my website is your one stop shop for that!

4 Legitimate Ways To Earn Money


Legally in order for any individual or business entity to generate revenue they have to have something in exchange such as some type of a good or a commodity. And there has to be a real product or service involved in that exchange. Online the number one go to is information. Education is necessary in order for you to be able to make informed decisions. I believe it is unethical to charge someone to become educated about something.

A great example would be my content. I provide an unlimited amount of education until I fall over dead or until the internet breaks which ever comes first. I do this for free. And it cost me money to operate my brand and time to create the content. A lot of the content I give away for free others steal, plagiarize and attempt to sell to others what they can simply get for free. I won't name any programs or scam artist right now but I will at some point in time.

In the previous paragraph I mentioned all 7 genres and business options that are available in the home based business industry. There are countless different companies, programs, and business opportunities that exist inside of the scope of everything revealed. Those are your options you can either take them or leave them. Even if you create or manufacture your own products or services they will fall into one of those categories or another. What you have to offer must bring value to the market place you intend to create success with. There is an overwhelming amount of competition every where you look and every where you go. Regardless of which option you choose nothing is going to be easy and you have your work cut out!



When it comes to your choices you don't really have all that many. When it comes to the approach or how you go about building a business or building an income there are only 4 routes that you will be able to take. If you're going to create and build it yourself then the first option that you're going to learn about is the true meaning and the true definition of : 

1. Entrepreneur - this is where you take on all the risk and do everything necessary to e originator your own success.  

If you're not going to be the original creator of your own personal success in a stand - a - lone format then you only have 3 other options left. Those options are created by other people and other entities and by other entrepreneurs who took the risk to make their options possible and available for you. They either created a job for you to do to earn or the provided a way for you to possibly become financially freed depending on what you do with the opportunity you were given.  If you didn't or don't choose entrepreneurship then by default you have no choice but to subject yourself to supporting someone else's financial future before you can become qualified to have others support yours. Which leaves 3 other options :

2. CPA Marketing - this is all incentive based marketing for fortune 500 companies. You can earn money by getting others to try the products and services of well reputable and well known brands. The money you earn comes from the money they would normally spend on advertising dollars. This has the lowest cost and risk in the entire home based business industry. 

3. Affiliate Marketing - this is where you sell products and or services that are created and manufactured by someone else. The money you earn comes from the successful marketing and sales efforts on your part. There are no cost and the highest risk is simply not knowing and understanding how the internet works and what to do when it comes to generating traffic and leads. Your sales are at the mercy of the product or service creators ability to create a powerful funnel that converts well. This option takes the longest time to accomplish success with 

4. Multi Level and Network Marketing - this is where you market and sell products to focus on customer acquisition and you get leverage your income by selling others on the opportunity to earn money the same way you do. Success with this is 100% dependent upon the relationships that you build and maintain. Due to the common practice of unfair compensation plans and flawed business models this is the most difficult of all legal options to master.

4 Legitimate Ways To Earn Money


I believe in being positive but I also believe in thinking realistically and logically. I believe that you should be made aware of what is likely to happen. Regardless of which business option you choose. It doesn't matter if you chose the path of becoming a true entrepreneur. The average person and the below average person is going to struggle and fail. WHY? Because the money comes from selling.

The very definition of a "SALE" is short and simple. The exchange of a commodity for money; the action of selling something.  

People talk about everything such as "automation" and "passive" income. And they talk about that in the home based business industry. When it comes to investing are you investing in something that is legally publicly traded? If not then it's a ponzi scheme. All money has to come from somewhere and all money being paid out has to come from somewhere. If nobody can clearly explain the business model or the business infrastructure and be transparent enough to show where the money comes from and where it goes it is a ponzi scheme. It's always a mystery. The product or service can't be education, the product or service can't be motivation, the product or service can't be inspiration. There is only one viable product and that would be training because this is where empowerment comes from. 

Don't pay for anything that you can get for free. If a skill is being rendered 

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