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About Me 2.1


It takes skill and discipline to become successful. The same thing that it takes to gain success is the same substance necessary to sustain it. To gain, obtain or acquire skills demands learning. If you don't have the time or are unwilling to learn because it takes too much time then you are not qualified for success. Not one individual on planet earth was born will skills and expertise. There are no shortcuts to success. You can't manufacture, buy, sell or trade shortcuts to success. They don't exist. There is no faster way to success than learning "real skills" and executing them. 

Motivation and inspiration has been the go to prescription to those who are struggling and failing to produce successful results. For the past 80 years personal development, self development, motivation, inspiration and mindset driven is the industry's go to. That is flawed. It's wrong and the near 100% failure rate only confirms, validates and solidifies my point. 

I've produce consistent results from consistently relying on a skill set that was passed to me from other professionals who were better than me that knew way more than me. The reason so many flock to motivation and inspiration because it hits the right side of the brain. The reason so many run away from education and training is because it hits the left side of the brain. Think of it this way. When children fill up on junk food such as sugary drinks, sweets or salty snacks that taste so good that is called spoiling your dinner. Obesity is a result of lacking discipline by consuming what you want vs what you need. Motivation and inspiration is an irresponsible starting point for business and poor followup for those who're failing.

About Me 2.1


If you're new, struggling or failing. There is a reason. You have to find out why. Understand its generally not your fault. If success leaves clues and it breeds more success so can failure. Our industry is dominated with failure and the masses are okay with it. Failure will be the only options as long as there is no awareness raised as to what needs to be done or taught differently. You should never under any circumstance ever accept failure. Those who accept failure and those who are okay with it will never move beyond where they are to where they "say" they want to be. The reason is simple. If you're okay with something or comfortable with something that means that you will never challenge or push yourself outside of the boundaries of your comfort zone. 

The problem with creating success has absolutely nothing to do with your mindset. It has everything to do with your attitude. It takes the course of a person's life in order to shape a mindset. There are only 2 ways to change a mindset once it has been formed. First the mind has to be stretched beyond it's current capacity. (learning and growing)

2. It has to be challenged by adversity, tragedy or something has to traumatize it. 

If those things do not happen a human being will stay or remain in the same condition until something happens to provoke or promote the change. Because of the fact that most people don't take the time to think things all the way through. People are incapable of thinking critically for themselves they automatically believe a lie that has been uttered for 80 years. It's gone unchallenged this long. But I've decided to contest all the nonsense that people been told!



Simplicity always beats out complexity. A human being multi tasking is physically impossible. Because a computer can't multi task. We just like computers can only process and do things in the order that we start them in. You can't do more than 2 voluntary actions at the same time. Involuntary you can breath, blink, walk, move, and a various number of things. A computer will only complete a list of task in the order of which it was queued. To clear this up. Because you can't physically fight a battle with weapons and amour and do your grocery shopping at the same time. I know that is a bit extreme. But as a human being you have physical limitations that prevent you from being able to do more than 1 physical task at a time. You have one brain which is 1 processor. It controls both voluntary and involuntary actions. 

Multiple streams is not the way to go for those new, struggling and failing. Why? Because you don't need to put more on yourself than what you're capable of effectively handling without becoming burnt out. A the most 2 things.

1. a primary business opportunity (primary business/income)

2. a training program (learn the skills to build your business)

My competition will claim and lie to you to make you believe they are there to help you build your primary business or income. Once you buy in all the training is about how to promote them in the front and your primary opportunity on the back-end. That is not right. They take your focus completely off what you were originally passionate about. They distract you from keeping the main thing the main thing. And they hit you with information overload, overcharge and under-deliver. I don't/won't do that!

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  • Sam L.
    August 24, 2020

    WOW Chris, so I will start with the video. You definitely have brought tears to my eyes with that video call out bro. You and I definitely had passion, drive, and a will to succeed back then. You saw something in me back then and allowed me the privilege of working with you and learning from you. I remember the days IONM very well, and while it fell apart due to lack of experience I definitely learned a lot from those days and am grateful to be a part of it and your story.

    You definitely are telling the truth about multi tasking. You cannot properly do that and see any real results. The Guru’s and Fake snake oil salesman know this and prey on people with this knowledge. You hit the nail on the head they trick people in to thinking they will teach you how to market your business but only show you how to market theirs. Most of them do not even care if you make any money with their advice or not.

    You definitely are a much different coach/mentor. I have tried to pay for extra things when working with you some of which would actually of benefitted you financially but you knew deep down that they would not be good for me, and could cause a strain on me so you advised against it. You definitely stand out as someone who puts PEOPLE first and $$$ second. Again buddy thank you so much for the kind words you said about me in the video, and more importantly thank you for always being Ethical, Honorable, Honest, and Humble.

    • christopher
      August 26, 2020

      Hey Sam thanks for the kind words! It’s difficult to respond to comments like this. I’m humbled.

  • August 25, 2020

    All true. We should focus on learning the skills necessary to create success. I like how you simply breakdown how the left and the right brain works. This makes sense because it’s easy to blame your failures on a poor mindset. We as humans naturally focus on the negative and what’s wrong. They eventually get addicted to motivational speeches. Humans are lazy and it actually takes effort to correct your attitude, preservere and learn revenue generating and life skills that will actually help you create the success they say they want. You hit it where it hurts with this article Chris. Let’s all focus on learning life changing skills that no one can take from you and that will motivate you to achieve the success that you want.

  • christopher
    August 26, 2020

    it takes discipline to learn the skill to be successful!

  • August 28, 2020

    The only clue that’s being left behind is the mere fact that. For the last 80 years, the industry has been getting it wrong! The CEO’s, Top Earners, & Leaders are basically quote on quote. Teaching people to put the cart before the horse in their business. Thus causing a lot of marketers to build their business incorrectly or backward if you will. What’s terribly sad is that to my knowledge nobody before now. Has come forward to expose the flaws and wrongdoings of the industry.

  • johnnysharvey
    May 10, 2023

    First of all, I want to say, I really had to reprogram my mind I couldn’t get past the fact that online takes work.

    I was so frustrated with home based business because I hate social media platforms.

    I like the personal touch but I am willing to try again


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