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About Me 2.2


My ability to execute my skills is not what qualifies me to be able to teach you. The fact that I practice communication does. There are all kinds of things I can do from my own understanding. But if I can't effectively pass that information on to you through effective communication skills that renders me useless to you. Leading you by example is the best and most effective training that can be produced. Showing you the result and explaining what I did and how I got the results is the most important thing anyone wanting success should be focused on. 

The reason I interview for both my business opportunity and my training coaching program is to make sure that we're a good fit. And to ensure that you're qualified. I put everything out there if you partner with my business opportunity I provide all tools, resources, education and training why because your success is my success. I can help you faster with that first option. And for my training and coaching program. I set the expectations. I need to know first that before you subscribe that you're going to do the work be committed to it and see your success all the way through. You can't get my results unless you have my tools, assets and resources. But without the skill and understanding of how to use them make success an impossibility. 

Education is always first. Regardless if you choose to participate in anything that involves me or. When it comes to your decisions those will be informed and without regret. With me you will not have to worry about the 2 scary regrets:

  1. the loss of your time
  2. the loss of your money

Choose wisely with patience. 

About Me 2.2


Satan has a massively larger following than GOD does. Satan has many religions, synagogues and churches. God only has a few that really follow him accurately and perfectly. God only has 1 faith and 1 church. Entertainment lends itself to Satan, Political affairs lends itself to Satan. God is simple and straight forward. He is not the author of confusion. God hates lies. Because its devastating effect. The internet is a place of mass deception. If you think that people accomplish their success honestly and yet they can't share explain the plan or the specific process of how they accomplish their success. That should be a red flag but most people don't question when someone says they accomplish their success by changing their mindset that is a deliberate lie. And it has been the same lie that has been passed down from generation to generation. That lie has gone uncontested.

I refuse to accept the failure and the fact that others accept it. I am going to put forth a strong effort in attempts to be the change by being an example. Because those who are getting paid a fat check or earning substantially don't care why? Because they are getting paid so they like the condition the industry is in. They don't want to rock the boat but I am not afraid to rock the boat. If I see abuse, deception and injustices in our industry I am going to speak out against. Just as I have the guts to look a sinner in their eye and tell em if they don't obey the Gospel they're going to hell is the same motivation that allows me to call out fakes, snakes and frauds. 

My life and business are governed by my values.  

About Me 2.2


No matter what I do whether I am living life or conducting business. Everything I do has a scriptural precedence. But what people fail to understand is this you don't have to put up with disrespect, stupidity, or incompetence. Moses didn't put up with it, the priests didn't put up with it, the judges didn't put up with it, the prophets didn't put up with it, John the baptist didn't put up with it, Jesus Christ didn't put up with it, the disciples didn't put up with it. And the Apostles certainly didn't put up with it. 

Just because people get death with harshly by me doesn't mean I am not a Christian, and it doesn't make me unprofessional. Business is not built or based on emotions and feelings. Business is built on smart decisions. If a person is not capable of making an informed decision then I don't mind making the decision for them. 

If you're not saved from your sin then what are you saved from? What is sin? It's a transgression of God's law. The wage (consequence) of sin is death. Tell your children the truth. Dying is not a part of living. Getting sick and dying is not what God had in mind when he created us in the beginning. If you want to be saved according to the scriptures. 3 things are required. If not rip that page out of your bible and all the other doctrines that are attached to this.

REPENT to from sin turn to GOD (STOP SINNING)

BE  BAPTIZED in water for the washing away of sin (IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST) 

BE FILLED WITH THE HOLY GHOST (speaking in tongues as the SPIRIT gives the utterance)

This is Acts 2:38 in the Holy Scriptures



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  • August 27, 2020

    Thanks for clarifying that the very most important thing that we can do as a human being is knowing and accepting God and being right with Him. This is the number one prosperity and all material prosperity stems from a soul that is right with God. Thanks for explaining how your personal principles are based off of the Holy Scripture. Thanks for breaking down important verses and chapters so we can not only take your word for it but go and study for ourselves. Also, thanks for taking the time to make this special group available and sharing this crucial knowledge freely.

    • christopher
      July 7, 2021

      what do you mean by accepting GOD?

  • September 2, 2020

    The Top earners and leaders don’t care. Because they earn the biggest sum of their checks based on people being dumb and naive about the industry. The more naive that people are about the industry. The more that these top earners and leaders are making out like fat rats.

    Now you can tell me whether I am wrong on this or not. However, when you actually think about it, all the deception, fakery, hype, and nonsense that surrounds the industry.

    Its a lot like the fakery, false hope. And lies that many these tv preachers brainwash and manipulate innocent people with at the end of the day. They’re two different industries. Yet, it’s like the two married and had a baby for lack of better terms.

    • christopher
      July 7, 2021

      You’re right!


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