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About Me 2.3 


I don't have this attitude "I don't care as long as I'm getting paid". Because that is the mindset and attitude of a "Top Earner" they don't care and they don't have the time to teach manage and support others. And the reason is because what they choose to build business with demands the masses. Realistically to reach the masses that requires mass marketing. And Mass marketing is a killer of your time. If you're having a hard time and getting little to no support. There are several reasons for this. 

If there is no incentive for the "Top Earner" to work with you or deal with you it's because they either get paid less or they don't get paid at all and so they will only work with those whom they deem a financial advantage. The best example. Is the main flaw of multi-level-marketing. The more work you do the less you get paid. Because you earn 40% commission for working with Sally why would you want to work with Sam that only pays you 10% who would you rather work with? So because Sam is being looked at as another number. The "Top Earner" only works with, talks to , listens to and supports those of whom they can see the most dollar signs.

That is not leadership. A lot of top earners earn a lot of money and create financial freedom no doubt. But these are above average people that do so at the expense of time freedom. You're going to always hear me say " if it doesn't offer time and financial freedom simultaneously it's not worth building in. I educate before sponsoring, and train before allowing other people to partner with me in a business opportunity.

About Me 2.3 


True education allows for you to make a fully informed decision. It's often said do your research and do your due diligence. And you should but understand just like this website and the content on it exists. Someone has to create the content in order for you to "do your own research" with. A lot of things are easier said than done. Because in our industry most people to a lot of telling and no showing. Even with all the research one can do if they don't properly know how to do their research properly the action of "doing your due diligence" is absolutely useless. When an individual goes to make a decision and that decision leads to the 2 common regrets such as:

Loss of time

Loss of money

That means that the information a person used to make their decision was simply deceptive and misleading. Education should reveal all. The good, the bad, the ugly, the pros, the cons, the challenges and rewards. A real value driven leader is going to make sure that you fully understanding exactly what you're getting into before you get into it. If such solid and sound content exist the person introducing you to "whatever"  will provide that. If it doesn't exist a true leader will create it. Why because they should have a strong enough work ethic to properly earn your business.

A real leader cares and takes enough pride in their work to create the substance and build authentic value that stands out above the rest to the point of dominating the competition or resulting in your competition coming to the understand that they can't beat you and should align themselves with you and join you in your cause. WORK HARD.

About Me 2.3 


The kind of success that translates to real true and pure time and financial freedom is only built or created directly and specifically from real true, and pure skills that must be executed properly and consistently with a solid plan of action. The skills are a process of steps that contain specific tasks and behaviors that yield the results you want. If you learn the basics and master them the stronger and stronger your results get on smaller and smaller efforts. If you want that then you have to buckle down and learn. That takes practice I didn't start off good and you're not either. 

Name one thing that you were born doing at an expert skill level. If you can do something well enough that goes beyond the level of an average person that is considered a talent. Talented people don't have to work as hard as those who struggle to carry out the task. Those who work the hardest and crush the talented. I'm just an average person that has an above average work ethic. My results are what put me in the category of above average. It took me a long time to build my credibility. If you follow me down MY SIMPLE PATH TO SUCCESS it's not going to take you near as long because I've already plowed the path. If you partner with my business opportunity its plowed. And if you subscribe to my coaching program it's plowed. 

My pastor is honest, transparent, loyal, he cares and has proven that with years and years of consistent practice. He lives what he preaches and preaches what he lives. What qualifies him most is not his motivation and inspiration but education and training. Why? We need external lifelong instruction and correction.

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  • September 8, 2020

    Wow, I’ve always wanted to know why after I’ve partnered with a new company. My sponsor would leave like a thief into the night. Now, I understand that I was looked at as another number or a notch on someone’s belt. At the end of the day, it’s one hell of a way to run a business.

    Now, in my opinion, that does something sociologically to the person that partners. Because being treated in that matter has a way of making someone feel less than and unworthy. Or that you don’t have what it takes to measure up to your sponsor’s liking. It’s utterly a horrible feeling, and nobody should ever have to feel that way under any circumstances.

  • Angela Shepherd
    October 14, 2020

    Its nice to have a leader that is always there for you. You don’t want a leader for one week and then they are unreachable.


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