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Affiliate Marketing Identified


Affiliate Marketing is 100% free to participate in. There are no start up cost. There are no admin fees. For the majority there are strict standards. Some product owners will not allow just anyone to promote their products. Two reasons. 

  1. They do not want unprofessional and inexperienced people to spam the internet with an affiliate link.
  2. They want people who have successfully sold products & services with out having an extremely high amount of charge backs (fraud) or refunds.

In most cases you're going to go through somewhat of an interview process. They want to know about the legitimacy of your brand and or website. They want to know the quality of your traffic. Some even want to know why you chose them and what your plan is for their products & services. They will want to know where your ad is going to be placed at. They will review your website to see if it meets the standards of a true professional affiliate marketer. 

Be very cautious if you're paying to learn affiliate marketing. There are a lot of free resources, free education, and free training and most of the platforms provide free webinars and courses that don't cost you one cent. Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing are extremely similar in a lot of ways. They are not the same thing. If you're not careful you can waste a lot of time and in some cases a lot of money on affiliate marketing. Here is an example a lot of affiliate marketers write books. For the time that you spend writing and by the time you get it published and then get it on the market for sale you will earn pennies on the dollar.

Affiliate Marketing Identified


One of the biggest reason that people struggle and fail with affiliate marketing is because they try to apply network marketing and multi level marketing concepts to something that was never meant to be. Success in affiliate marketing does not require relationships. The success is 100% dependent upon the number of sales that you can make. You can earn between 33%-85% commissions from any range between low, mid and high ticket sales. Because in order to have 5 and 6 figure months you're going to need a massive following, a massive audience, and a massive list. It's more than just having 50,000 emails in your autoresponder.

You need an active and responsive list. For example if you send and email saying "Hey how is your day going reply back and let me know" and your list is 50,000 you need at least 42,000 - 45,000 people to reply back to that email. And those that don't respond after about 2 - 3 blast over a certain period of time are dead weight. Because it's costing you money to be on your list.

Permission based marketing is something that 98% or better don't understand. If people don't ask for it then don't volunteer it. If they don't opt in or request the information don't provide it. This goes for social media as well. Ask permission first or get permission first before you just start slamming things into people's inbox. This is what desperate people do. There is nothing attractive about desperate tactics. Building a list & maintaining the attention of those who subscribe to it is a challenge. Because you're fighting for their attention right along with all the other millions of gurus and people who want their money. 

Building a business or income online is saturated with oceans of aggressive, hostile and down-right ruthless competition. 

Affiliate Marketing Identified


True affiliate marketing does not require customer service it's already built in. You typically don't have to build the high converting sales funnels. In most cases you don't even have to write any email, ad or sales copy. Are you expecting people to subscribe to your mailing list to just buy everything you send to them in an email? Do you expect to have any success by slamming and cramming offers down your list's throats? I hope not. This is where constant learning and growing comes into play. Because you need to cultivate your list with value driven content that is relevant and resonates with them. 

Even though affiliate marketing doesn't require the building of personal relationships you still need to build some type of a relationship between you and your income supporters. You always want to learn a person's name first before asking them to date you, and at least date before you ask them to marry you. Now affiliate marketers want to use social media to create success in a place that was never meant for affiliate marketing. 

So google changed it's algorithms. Affiliate marketing is no longer easy any more like it used to be. Google forced people to learn a different set of skills that require people to dig in deeper than just keyword stuffing. So now the thing that never required the building of relationships now requires it. In 2021 you still don't need to build relationships like network marketing to be successful. There have been a lot of companies like Empower Network which are no longer around there is still MLSP or My Lead System Pro that still try to mix affiliate marketing and network marketing in the same pot. This doesn't and has never worked! MLSP is hanging on by threads. 



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