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Communication 2.1


Every profession has a language exclusive to that profession. Fakes and frauds can learn those languages. It's often times regurgitated. Perhaps they can speak it well and even mimic a true professional. Because they can pay a graphic designer to create attractive images. And that is what they do to deceive the masses. But this is why you have to do your due diligence to make sure people check out. If they don't anything beyond them won't check out either. Because there are so many counterfeits online you shouldn't trust anyone for any reason. You should make them prove themselves and work to validate or solidify their credibility. 

Armed forces have a language or a code of language only they can understand. Retail stores have certain codes they can call over the air that is exclusive to the store clerks. If you did your research you can probably learn top secret information of every profession concerning codes and languages. Fakes and frauds can do the same thing. Most of the people who want to take advantage of you will not have the proper things in place to validate their credibility. For example. If all they have is a Facebook profile, perhaps just a YouTube channel and that's it red flag. I am referring to people that are specifically in the home based business industry. 


Anyone who participates in one of the following categories of business

  1. Health and Wellness 
  2. Traffic, Leads, Sales, Education, Training and Coaching. 
  3. Financial Education Services 
  4. E commerce 
  5. Travel 
  6. Trading (Domestic or Forex) 
  7. Digital Currency

It's been stated for an excessive number of years you need to brand yourself those who rely heavily on social media have reduce the value of what that truly means. 



To not tell or warn someone to make them aware of the cons, the challenges, and the ugly nightmarish things that can happen is the same as using deception. You can't motivate and inspire someone to buy your product, service or participate in your business opportunity. And have something go wrong and then blame your follower for not doing their due diligence when they place trust and confidence in you. When people support your income in an industry like this you're responsible for them.

Top earning and dollar driven people often communicate everything necessary to get the sale but when it comes to maintaining and sustaining it they lack in that area. For years and years people flash cash and flaunt the lifestyle for 100% pure control purposes. Their days are numbered. There are communities out there that are speaking out against the nonsense that the industry has been plagued by for years. And they're getting bolder and bolder to the point they call out names regardless of how successful they appear. How big their following is doesn't matter either If you find people on the internet on websites like BehindMLM that have been reported of participating in a scam, illegal pyramid, or ponzi scheme make them answer for it and if they refuse or if they block you because they don't want to be transparent there is a reason for that. When people can't be honest that only communicates they are snakes. Successful 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8  figure earners once they reach that level don't get second and third chances to repair their credibility.

Once marked you're marked unless you can create the content to prove that the accusations brought by others are false. In this industry you are guilty until you prove your innocence.

Communication 2.1


One of the only ways I know to change this industry is to lead and live by example. My purpose has become to shine the light brightly and let that open people's eyes as to what's real vs whats fake. Some content will call for me getting absolutely uncomfortable to communicate things in such away that will keep you from falling off the cliff of hype and deception. I can't save everyone I know. But I refuse to let that detour me from making the attempts to communicate to you only everything you need to know. 

I care about you like real authentic parents care for their children. And I don't want you to get hurt. I want you to be able to identify dangers. I want you to be able to recognize the fake and false communication tactics that people attempt to use to get your money. Another good resource is MLMWatchDog. There are resources out there manned by people the care about innocent people getting taken advantage of I am not the only one. I am the only on that does what I do willing to go so far to do everything I can to keep you from getting bad information communicated to you that leads you to making the wrong decisions that you're going to later regret. I can only do so much, say so much and communicate so much. 

You have to reduce the voices you listen to down to a select few people. Don't be reckless, careless, and passive. Instead be vigilant proactive and always be thinking ahead. Always have the long term in mind in everything you choose to do. Find out why people do what they do. If they can't provide a sound logical explanation. HUGE RED FLAG!



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  • October 6, 2020

    Yes, these fake gurus do an excellent job. Of fooling people into believing that they’re the real deal. Simply because they took the time to learn how to speak the language of a. Professional coach or mentor within the home based business industry; on the other hand, if you’re someone that unfortunately new and are unaware of the truth and you don’t know to do your due diligence. You sadly end up becoming another scam victim of the industry.

    Speaking of websites like MLM WatchDog, I’ve always seen them several times over the years. However, I unfortunately back then paid those particular sites dust because I often felt as though that those articles.

    Were being written by scorned opportunity builders. Looking back on it now, I’ve grown an appreciation for these communities that are bringing awareness to the industry, in an effort to warn people about a lot of these scams. I wish I would have paid more attention then instead of blowing them off completely.


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