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Communication single handed is the most critical skill necessary to create and sustain success. And it's not the most easiest thing to do especially online. Because of the fact that we have limitations. The purpose of this article is to establish a strong line of communication with you. I have a lot of powerful liberating content in the pipeline. And you don't want to miss anything. I can't unload my entire library of information onto you without overloading you. If you're anything like me I shut down, 

When it comes to communication I can only do so much to ensure that you are receiving it. I promised you free education until I fall over dead or until the internet breaks. I can control publishing and sending it. You can influence my content. Only you can control receiving,consuming and responding to it. Discipline is responsible for my success. I don't always do what is easy or convenient. Somethings I do and some of the things I know called for me to sacrifice hours of my life in order to obtain, enhance or improve my skills.

I don't want you to have to fight and struggle to find or create success. I've already plowed the path to success for you. I want to keep you from wasting your hard earned money, and your valuable time. There are several things that you're going to need. But first it's important that you understand. I don't want you spending more money than is necessary. I don't want you to spend more time than is necessary. Some of the things you need obviously cost money. My competition only wants your money. And they can careless if you produce any successful results. 



There are 2 reasons why value driven people like myself provide education free of charge. And the reasons may or may not make any sense to you. The fact that there is a near 100% failure rate in the home based business industry as a whole is one reason. The other is because nearly 100% of those who struggle and fail don't really want to learn. They always seek to take shortcuts that don't exist. So charging for this information makes absolutely no sense. Without education you can't make an informed decision. Me creating content is how I communicate to the world on specific details that either prevents wasted time and wasted money. If I am not working to communicate the necessary things to prevent the two biggest regrets:

  1. the loss of time 
  2. the loss of money. 

I am pointing people in the right direction when it comes to everything related to business building or income building online. You need education to make the right decisions and educated decisions are the best ones you can make. You need training to be empowered with the skills to produce the profitable results that you want. And you need results to render you the confidence you need to continue growing your time and financial freedom. You need professional tools, and services to operate online. That requires additional training and development. 

You need to understand what you're doing and why! This blog/website is publish to ensure that you're educated about everything necessary before you spend any money. Most dollar driven greedy people are lazy. The majority of them believe what I do is a waste of time. They would rather sell you on hype, nonsense and deception. Why? They know how to communicate with below average people who don't know better. 



If you don't know how or why you're struggling and failing. If you don't learn what you need to do to end your struggles. And if you don't know what to do to find or create success then you have to learn. There are no shortcuts. People spend several 1000's of dollars on scams, get rich quick schemes thinking they can buy a shortcut. Do shortcuts even exist? Are there shortcuts to getting into heaven? Can you buy a shortcut to success? No! And everything that pays out a commission is legit either. If people can make money dishonestly by robbing, cheating and stealing offline then it can certainly happen online. Those who are the most attractive and most appealing are the ones who are doing the most when it comes to taken advantage of people. 

That is another reason why I am taking this approach to communicating with you. Most of the scammers became that way because it takes a bit longer to see success when you do it the honest and legit way. Scammers are using the exact same skillets that I am the difference is theirs is based on lies. They've learned how to make their money by trickery and by lying to people. The proof is simple they don't have any real substance that goes beyond a social media profile. 

Never trust anyone with the exception of those who participate in my lifestyle business opportunity that does not have their own personal branded website that they own and control. If we want to create a lifetime lifestyle of time and financial freedom then the only logical investment is going to be in a personal brand. Let me help you brand!

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  • October 13, 2020

    Yes, I agree that communication is very much so key in every sense of the word. Communication skills, to me, should be aligned with selling and recruiting skills. Unfortunately, without any of these skillsets, you cannot recruit or sell to anyone if you do not know how to properly communicate with other people to close the sale if there’s a sale to be closed in the first place. However, the only way to find that out would be through communication. Unfortunately, not many people are willing to go this particular route either because they have not been taught to do so. Or perhaps, on the other hand, these marketers don’t have the necessary patience to wait for things to take its course. They want things to happen for them instantly; however, that’s very unrealistic because life doesn’t happen that way.

  • JOHNNY Harvey
    December 6, 2021

    The hardest thing for me to do was
    To get off my feelings why is this hard? Why do I need to do all this? Why doesn’t anyone support me?
    Well come to find out bad attitudes equals bad communication

    • christopher
      December 7, 2021

      That is exactly right Johnny we have to define the reasons why we do the things we set out to do and find our why to stay motivated as soon as we forget the why we lose the motivation to continue!


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