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A question that is asked by those who are new, struggling, and failing is; How soon can I start earning money? When will I make my first commission. In some cases they may have the audacity to ask when they will be able to quit their job. There is nothing wrong with the urgency however just like with any profession there is a learning curve. If you've ever asked that question and you were never given the answer. 

Here Is The Answer!

You will start earning money or your first commission as soon as you successfully do all of the following:

1. Establish your professional brand and Identity that stands out. 

2. Create content that communicates awareness, education, motivation and inspiration. 

3. Put an automated sales process in place to leverage your time and create time freedom. 

4. Go to work by marketing and publishing your content. Make sure people actually see your work.

You will hear me say this often "the money you seek to earn comes from other people". When it comes to communication. You must learn how to speak the language of those that you want to :

  • Buy your products or services
  • Join your company or business opportunity



Online success requires that you learn how to standout first to get attention. Once you have the attention you're seeking then making a strong impression by dropping a powerful hammer of relevant value. How do you do this? By creating content that communicates what people "want", what people "need" and what people are or have been looking for. 

To get the best results you must take the time, dig in deep and create that content yourself. I see a lot of individuals using content, websites and systems used and created by others. People want to learn and hear from you because they've grown to know like and trust you. Have they really come to know you like you or trust you? Or the people in the content you shared?

When you fail to create content or be the originator of the information that you send out you run the risk of losing your work to someone else. People will go around you, quit your team etc because you don't have the knowledge, experience or expertise yourself. Take ownership of your success by becoming the expert and learning how to communicate effectively. To communicate you have to become educated & knowledgeable yourself. It's just the right thing to do to take what you learned and create the content that communicates what people are looking for. 



I want you to understand that I am in business for profit. Again I want to remind you that the purpose of my content is to provide solid practical, sound and value driven education. I want you to make informed decisions. I want to keep you from wasting your hard earned money and your valuable time on things that don't make sense. The only result that comes from wasting time and money is regret. 

Before you can lead you must first learn to follow a leader. The leader needs to be solid, stable and established. In the first email I sent to you was a simple reminder of 1 of the 4 offers that you may have seen. It was also to bring to your attention that with me you have options. So you were able to see everything I offered. To validate that I am solid I have set my goals around my values since I came online and have consistently been working towards those goals. Not only am I solid but I am consistent and as you progress through my content you will see that for yourself even though we may be new to each other. 

There are two ways that you can follow me down "MY SIMPLE PATH TO SUCCESS"

Communication concerning My Offers

My First Offer You Follow Me Indirectly

My coaching program was launched May, 2016 and still successfully operating today. I have maintained clients for the entire lifetime of the coaching program (longer than the average 90 days or less). I want you to think about this from 2016 until now or that time is based on when you come across this information. My coaching program has outlasted companies, opportunities, business and programs that are no longer around today but I am. This is my primary source of income. I own, control and operate everything. 

What does it mean to follow me indirectly? By joining my coaching program means 1 of 2 things.

1. You're new, on the outside looking in and you don't have a primary business or anything to earn money from and you want to learn this stuff the right way before you start anything (rare)

2. You already have a primary business or income you're looking to leverage your time to create time freedom and make that into a success of financial freedom. (common)

If you already have a primary business my coaching program is the best option for you. Why? I am not going to be like my competition and distract you from building your primary business. You're following me indirectly because you're learning the skills I execute to consistently produce results building your primary business/income. Whatever that may be. 

What kind of coaching program is this?

A professional internet marketing and professional network marketing coaching program. 

Professional Internet Marketing


This is the use of digital professional branding, marketing, and advertising tools to leverage the full power of the internet. It's common for people to pump as much free information as they can before making a financial decision. Let me save you the time and trouble of going all over the internet to do research. There are 3 parts to this :

1. Identifying the components and the tools to make internet marketing possible.  

2. Learning how to build them and setting them up 

3. Learning how to put the right communication behind them to make them work in your favor.

Components Of Professional Internet Marketing

It's safe to say that the majority understand that in order for a business to prosper and stay in business there has to be a source of unlimited traffic that require tools and skill to convert to leads and skill to convert to a sale. Most people are aware of the fact that they need "professional internet marketing tools" the majority are aware of what a lot of them are. But those same people don't understand how they work, what their purposes are. All they know is what the gurus are using and promoting. This means that people don't do anything with the tools and services they may be paying for because they have no education or training to teach them how to use it. So I am going to reveal the components and the requirements for each one so that you can understand it all. Even if you don't understand right away you will at some point as long as you stick with "MY SIMPLE PATH TO SUCCESS".

Here are the components starting with the foundation they are as follows: 

1. Domain name - nothing can be found or exist on the internet without a domain name (you need one that brands you or what you do). 

2. Hosting - you must install a website directly to your domain name (pointing or forwarding a domain name or mapping is waste of money buying a domain name) Without hosting you have no digital files (location) where your content lives

3. Website - your website is the platform where true long lasting success is created at on the internet (the strength of your success is determined by the strength of your brand). Your website is the primary place of your branding everything else is all secondary and should be used with the intentions of driving everything back to it. 

4. Lead Capture & Sales Funnel Software - you need the ability to create high quality professional lead capture pages, landing pages, squeeze pages, flash pages, splash pages, thank you pages and popups. (you need the ability to create lead capturing pages and sales funnels). The software I use has a one time cost and it integrates right inside of the ("same website")

5. Autoresponder - you need a way to automate your sales process and your ability to follow up. (no such thing as a 100% conversion rate you need a backup plan in place to help you convert at some point even if it's at a later date)

Too many people spend way too much money on education and tools but invest in no training and that is all backwards. In my coaching program with the tools and services I recommend you're going to "save" money and keep it in your pocket. You need a self hosted website, a lead capture and funnel system and autoresponder. You can't get or use those without acquiring everything mentioned above.

In my coaching program I host your site on my server which is included in the price. I install the website for you. I give you a quick way to get set up and running in a matter of minutes. By using my competition you're by default going to be compromising the integrity of your brand. By using my coaching program it's a direct install. You're going to use my training to learn how to create your authority first and then your personal brand. Following my example not only will create a brand that demands respect you're also going to learn how to create content that gets attention and gets results. If you're interested in my coaching program and wish to see the pricing click here

Professional Network Marketing


The other skill necessary for creating online success is this. Your ability to create a community, culture and atmosphere that is conducive to success. Being able to create something that everyone wants to be apart of. When it comes to multi level or network marketing the internet has made success very fragile. All success in network marketing is 100% dependant upon all the relationships that you build and maintain. The truth is if you want to have success thru professional internet marketing you have to take those same skills you learn and apply them to network marketing. You have to create something that is dynamic and delivers power enough to impact and keep people coming back for more. 

Having team tools and replicable automated systems in place is absolutely necessary foring giving new, struggling and failing marketers an advantage that they otherwise would not have joining someone else in something else. You need to give people strong reasons to buy your products or services and or join your opportunity. The truth is the majority fail in creating online success due to the fact that they are too lazy and are not driven enough to learn. 

You can master one of the most difficult things to master if you listen, watch, learn and pay attention to the examples that you have before you. 


With my coaching program I have it all and cover it all. You don't need to have any tools prior to coming into the program. No 3rd party platforms are necessary to use in conjunction with mine all you will do is confuse yourself. You don't need mlsp, builderall, clickfunnels, conversion pros or anything related all those are is a big waste of money and a bad compromise to the integrity of your personal brand. 


My Other Offers You Follow Me Directly

To make myself clear! If you choose and only if you choose to follow me directly down "MY SIMPLE PATH TO SUCCESS" means that you want to work directly with me. This means that you want to participate in 1, more or all of the things I am involved in to work towards building the exact same income. This is what you need to know! With anything that I invite you to participate in comes with a system that does all of the educating, explaining, selling and telling so you don't have to. Everything I have to leverage my time with and every resource and asset that I have that I grow my income with you will have access to the same things. You have 2 options 

Option 1

Whatever my skill set allows you will be able to leverage all inhouse tools, training and resources at no extra cost. This means pre built sales pages, funnel pages, and 100% neutral content create to help you produce the same results as I do which is more money into your bank account. 

Option 2

In addition to leveraging all the free inhouse options you will be given the opportunity to learn how to strengthen your results by creating your own individual brand and having 100% control over it just like I do. With this option comes additional streams of income as you grow your personal team or network your income grows with it. 


This article is lengthy enough I am not going to drag this out any more. My other options and offers concerning what you may have seen already. Deals with CPA Marketing and Multi Level Or Network Marketing.






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  • April 14, 2019

    Communication is key. It’s a skillset that every business owner needs to master

  • April 13, 2019

    You know what? The excuse that people give about not being good at sales is because they’ve never. Had the privilege of being taught how to communicate with other people effectively. I believe that it’s safe to say that the majority of us were taught to talk at people. However from reading this article, I learned that learning how to communicate effectively is the ultimate key to being able. To earn a significant income and live the life that you truly desire.

  • April 14, 2019

    Communication is an indication that you either do it well or not at all. 93% of all communication is non verbal believe it or not.
    Communication also helps people understand what you mean and what you are doing. It’s key and is very important if you want to get your point across or to be understood. Effective communication is the overall success of any business. If you don’t know how to do it one can always learn how.

  • Kelly Lindbom
    April 15, 2019

    Thank you for providing full PDF version of content. I read faster than folks talk, so videos are not my favorite. Good info.

  • monica520
    May 3, 2019

    Content is King. Even if you are with an MLM, you can’t rely on their information – you should always do your own research and produce your own content. That will set you apart from others in your field.


  • May 28, 2019

    I remember the first time I ever came to your website and thinking, wow! You sound very professional and the website itself I had no idea that you had created it yourself! So, I was blown away by seeing and hearing everything but then you are able to offer the same quality and efficiency to others, I’m like “whaaat?” well that completely blew my mind!! I may have entered other people’s websites before but never imagined being able to do the same thing for myself…not that I’m anywhere near the level you’re at but just the knowing it is possible is what has gripped my attention.

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  • Khai
    June 20, 2019

    I am loving these blogs! I’m glad you touched pn communication because it’s so important, especially when you’re doing business online. This is why educating yourself, practicing, and then APPLYING what you learned is important. When you’re able to articulate to others who you are, what you do, how you do it, how it benefits them, why you do it, and also actively listening to your clients and potentials, people will be more inclined to do business with you. It’ll build up your confidence.

    I will read this over and over again.

  • Angela Shepherd
    March 5, 2020

    You said it all. Communication is the main key. This blog will help me to open up and share. I’m still learning how to communicate correctly.


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