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Do Your Due Diligence 2.2


When it comes to value, when it comes to substance. And when it comes to credibility and trust. Don't settle or sell yourself for anything less than what you know your worth. If you're single with no children then you can do what you want. But if you have a spouse or a family you need to take this extremely serious. Don't just do business with anyone that has not proven themselves to you. Don't just partner with any team without substance. 

There are a lot of teams and the only substance and value they provide is 100% pure motivation and 100% pure inspiration. And 0% education and 0% training. This is why large to massive sized teams have so many people who struggle. If you're dealing with a team that is involved in a multi level or network marketing company. They need to brand that team above the company and opportunity. This means that they put people first before the products, services, and before the compensation they seek reward from. Of course. Success 4 The Taking cares more about our people than anything else beyond us. 

In 2020 if you're on a team of successful people who are earning money there is no excuse for a team to not be branded with it's own exclusive team membership website. Let me put it this way. You can tell the difference between something that was just thrown together. You can tell when something was not organized and well planned. And you can tell when honest, sincere, and genuine work has been put into something. The quality and value will show and shine through. You can tell when something is well put together. VS what is not built with integrity. 

Do Your Due Diligence 2.2


You don't want to partner with lazy individuals who are not actively seeking to learn and grow. You don't want to partner with a team that has no substance. They need to bring value to the table that nobody else can offer. Listen you only want to work with the best of the best. Who has the best accommodations for you. People prove they care about you by how hard they go to work on your behalf. I have this attitude! If you are a business partner or client I work for you. 

Even though I am self employed by definition. I am still employed by others. With the content I provide in terms of education and training its not for my benefit. It cost me my time and my mind to create content that provides the information to help people make informed decisions. Perhaps it's to teach people and empower them with my skill set. Regardless if you don't learn from me don't learn from anyone doing less than what I am willing to do. Have extremely high standards. Don't let down on them either for anything. Value your time and money!

The only exception to the standard is if you find someone who inspires and motivates you to learn from them. Those who you're attracted to. Make sure they have a work ethic. You're on the internet. The online world consists of websites this is something everyone should have there is no excuse for not. Everyone should have an authentic branded website indexed in the search engine. It takes work. There is a lot to learn. You can learn from me or you can try to figure it out on your own. I've already plowed the path. FOLLOW ME!!!



What you say and what you do in the home based business industry will reveal your character. The companies that you join, the people you partner with. The people you listen to and follow. If you're lazy and lack a work ethic. You will lack integrity. If one major part of your character is flawed concerning business the rest of you will be flawed. The only way to tell right from wrong is if you see the difference between someone who works vs those who try to get by on the bare minimums.

You should find it odd that those who claim to be 5, 6, or even 7 or a multiple 6 figure earner don't have as much substance or credibility as those who don't claim to earn anything at all. I've never ever claimed to be a successful certain figure earner. Success is success no matter how big or small the only way to measure success in business is like this. Start up cost = negative, the amount of profit = positive the difference between "BREAK EVEN POINT" vs time it took to profit. Then you have to ask yourself for the time spent are you profiting?

Is your profit margin growing? If the answer is yes then you're successful even if it is a one cent profit. The question is can you increase your profit? Can you consistently increase your revenue. That takes skill, planning and execution. People and teams that have not even thought that far ahead are probably not worth partnering with. If you don't know where you're going. And you get in the vehicle and drive you're going to run out of gas. Because your destination is not the starting point from when you first left. My team has everything mapped out for you!

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  • Angela Shepherd
    October 14, 2020

    I totally agree don’t settle for anything. Take your time and things right the first time.


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