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Do Your Due Diligence 2.3


When you're properly educated and you're thinking soberly and realistic you can get this part right. You don't have to suffer or fall victim to losing your time and your money. It is simple. Keep everything balanced. Learn the pros, and all of the positive things. Learn to cons, and all of the negative things. Balance those out. Learn the glorious and glamours things. Learn the ugly nightmares. Balance that out. Learn the challenges! Learn the rewards! Ultimately learn what it takes to get from where you are to where you want to be put your head down and move forward. 

If people claim something make them prove it. Example: if someone says they are a multiple six figure earner; they should be able to tell you everything that qualify them for the title they claim. If they bring it up then they shouldn't have a problem telling you why they left or no longer promote that should be on the table as well. If they don't have an example or outline of their process before you partner red flag. When business is done correctly online and in general education will come before sponsoring, and training before partnering.

Before you ever spend any money to qualify to earn in the compensation plan of a business opportunity you need to know and learn the business building process first. You need to demonstrate and prove that you can do it before partnering with the opportunity. I build business, my team builds business absolutely and completely different then everyone else does. It's the purest and most effective way to build business. Its the most honest and transparent way. I lead with value you should be looking for that!



When the people, person or team all checkout move on to the company that is providing the business opportunity. Stay away from programs. If you're wanting to build a business or income stay away from programs. Some people do not have any standards. Make sure you have high standards and high expectations for what you're looking for. You're looking to create time and financial freedom so don't just fall for anything that shines or has a good ring to it. You've heard the saying everything that "glitters is not gold".

The person people, or team should have enough credibility and integrity to personally deliver the content or presentation to you themselves in a personal way. If they don't that is okay if they have other means. But they should be versed and rehearsed with significant knowledge about every aspect of their product line and services including understanding their compensation plan. They should be able to handle every (reasonable) hesitation and objection that you throw at them. They should be able to smoothly handle all concerns that you have. You will know whether or not if you're dealing with the right people. Do they struggle communicating or do they have solid flow?

Once they have personally delivered the presentation of their opportunity to you then go do your search engine research. Stack what you find against what they presented to you. When you find discrepancies from external sources discuss those discrepancies. When you're doing business with someone you find credible respect yourself and respect them. Give them the opportunity to defend the negative or opposing information. It's possible that people published lies and misleading information about a company, products, service or even the opportunity itself. Don't settle at the same time don't miss out!

Do Your Due Diligence 2.3


Your due diligence should be done on the entire corporate leadership team. Regardless if there is just 1 or if there are a 100. Make sure they thoroughly check out. If they check out then take a look at the products place an order and try the products. Why? You need to experience what it is like being a customer first. If they have a service try it or try them. Use them and experience them first hand. After trying the products make a decision. Would you or could you remain a loyal customer for life even if there was no compensation plan attached to it? If the answer is yes then the next thing you want to look at is the compensation plan. 

When you're looking at compensation plans you need to have standards. You have to ask yourself how hard do you want to work? Look for your bottom line at the minimums. Never look at the maximum pinnacle point of a compensation plan and base your decision solely off the hype. One the biggest flaws in our industry are compensation plans. When choosing a business opportunity you have to understand that no compensation plan will pay or reward you above your leadership skills, work ethic, and determination. 

Once you choose a business opportunity that is when your success becomes no longer about you or what you want, it's not about your desires. You have to have what other people want in order to get everything. The money you seek to earn to create time and financial freedom will come from other people. Too many people don't understand that which is why most don't get far. If you want to be successful you have to think critically and use common sense. Don't lose by wasting.


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  • Khai
    November 5, 2020

    Impressive article! It’s my favorite so far. I was never taught how to properly assess a business opportunity. It was usually “just do it” or “invest in yourself”. Just jumping without using discernment. Thank you for this!

    • christopher
      November 8, 2020

      absolutely if you care about your future and you don’t want success always being in limbo then it’s important to do this part correctly the first time.

  • November 5, 2020

    This is a critical article that all new and existing people involved in the home based business and ANY business should read. This is a way to protect yourself and your family from being scammed and wasting time and money. I like how you pointed out that you should research not only the benefits of being involved with a company or in the home based business industry but also you should look at the cons and the challenges. This way you are better prepared and can set proper expectations for yourself. Being in business is definitely not for everyone and by doing your due diligence on an industry , the people you may possibly partner with, the company and the products you can determine whether you want to make a decision and commit or make a decision Not to commit

    • christopher
      November 8, 2020

      that is right Diana. Most people don’t critically thing things all the way through it’s sad and its a shame!


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