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Do Your Due Diligence 3.0


If you can't prove or validate that corporate leadership exists that is a red flag and you should steer clear. You have to prove and verify that the leadership team is actually real. In the home based business industry it can be very difficult to identify if the leadership is real. They could be fake images and profiles as we've seen in the past. Generally if the address is fake, if the corporate phone number goes to a google voice. Perhaps they have a website but the email address is gmail, yahoo, or the email address not associated with the domain name. 

Look for personalized websites, and social media profiles. There should be recent content. Their profile could be one that is fresh and perhaps maybe they are starting over. If they are branded and have their own website they should have content or some type of proof validating skin in the game. If they don't then other websites should address some of their credibility. Sometimes boards add, change or bring on co - ceos to mitigate the taint to move it out of the spot light. If you pay close attention to the new Netflix's co ceo and of course pay attention to Pandora's original CEO stepped down. If companies want to maintain a positive image in the public eye they will remove people. This is not typical in the home based business industry. Once a company or corporate leadership team does or demonstrates unethical or immoral behavior the field generally chews them up and spits them out. And a majority of corporate failure in our industry will bury the opportunity especially if the FTC gets involved. People lie and fabricate all the time.

Do Your Due Diligence 3.0


A 4 figure earner, 5 figure earner, 6 figure earner, 7 figure earner, a millionaire and a billionaire. And a multiple figure earner does not get a pass. When it comes to illegal business models, illegal pyramids, illegal ponzi schemes, fake programs disguised as a legitimate business or opportunity. Being accused of lying, misleading, stealing being deceptive. There is no excuse. If you're earning money at that level then you should absolutely know better. 

If more people were educated properly on the difference between what is legal and illegal then most of the fake gurus and scammers wouldn't be able to continue perpetrating the scams. They wouldn't have any grounds to operate because people would keep away. Unfortunately money is a sensitive subject. When people are down on their luck and find themselves in a desperate situation that makes them vulnerable. People who resort to scamming do so because they failed to learn how to build business, or conduct business the right way. So they learned what appeals to people who would be considered a liability. Typically those who are below average. Lazy people who want something for nothing are the ones who fall victim. 

Do Your Due Diligence 3.0


People will tell you anything, say anything they can to jar your emotions. They understand once they get to your emotions they can get to your money. That is abuse of the skill set. Usually what you buy into does not have any real substance behind it. You should never do anything based off how someone makes you feel. I get that you can "attract bees with honey". I get people should inspire you and motivate you but they should also be providing practical and sound information to balance out everything you like in terms of what you hear and what you see. 

You have to understand that people who only lead with positives and fail to set the expectations for the negative things that should be a red flag. What people don't tell you is the same as lying to you. When people withhold information from you that opens to the door to devastating surprises that will cause you to have a nasty nightmarish experience. 

The 2 biggest regrets are losses of: 

  1. time 
  2. money 

Not to mention the mass majority don't understand businesses and how they work. Most people don't understand business infrastructure. Which is why people tend to put together some of the worst programs with some of the worst compensation plans that exist. The people, companies, or entities who design compensation plans are living red flags. My advice and my opinion is simple stay away from start up programs, start up opportunities.

The majority of all opportunities, are built with the same intentions and with the same concepts. Never overlook anyone who has been accused of scamming, suspected of committing fraud. Never trust anyone that ends up on someone else's website for participating or being involved with anything that known to be illegal.

It doesn't matter how nice someone is to you, it doesn't matter how many followers they have or how much social engagement they get. Unethical and immoral behavior such as lying, manipulating, and misleading people. Don't get mad or upset and block people when they try to warn you of frauds. Not everyone is a hater some people actually do care. Some people can be embarrassed and afraid because people tried to warn them they didn't heed the warning next thing they know they got burnt.

Don't become the next victim of "I told you so" you refused to listen!

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