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Do your due diligence 3.1


It is never a good idea to put your name on something you've never tried or proven. If you're an honest person that wants to do things right. You're going to take the time to make sure that everything checks out. The best research you can do is to try the products or services. You can read all the reviews you want good and/or bad. One thing that you can't read into existence is your experience. You can watch all the videos you want. Nothing will ever suffice until you become the guinea pig. You can take what people say positive or negative at face value. As long as the opinion of someone else influences you to keep you from trying something you can take their word for it but you will never ever know or find out. 

The products and services are being exchanged for the money that you're seeking to earn. You can't promote something that you can't get behind from a personal experience. And if someone asks : what has your experience been? What will you say? If someone asks for an example of how you've used it, perhaps they want you to show them a demonstration of how you use it. Are you going to lie or make up something to get a sale or sign up? Or will you tell them the truth? 

Some people care more about commissions than the satisfaction of the customer. That is bad, immoral, and unethical. Which is why you never want to put your name on something or endorse anything you've never tried and proven yourself. Your reputation will take a hit for every bad experience you lead to.

Do your due diligence 3.1


If you respond and react to negative reviews believing them all at 100% of what you see and hear that is naive and irresponsible. And the same goes for positive reviews. A lot of what you see online especially on social media is simple. People only participate and promote things based off the possibility of earning a commission. The don't promote anything based off any real substance. I have been watching this for a long time. Let me give you an example.

People pay $50/month for a lead capture and sales funnel service because it has a compensation plan attached to it. The service is not worth $50/month because you don't even get the full freedom or capabilities to create an unlimited number of customer funnels. The styles are extremely limited. The software's age shows. But people are happy with it because they can earn commissions selling it. It's absolutely junk. I have software I paid for one time that is far more superior. Selling trash for a commission is unacceptable. 

People spend way more money than they should have to on certain things simply because they're not educated. Because they have too low of standards. Commissions should never be placed ahead of real value. Customer and consumer satisfaction should always be priority. If that is not the main thing it will become very clear and evident when the individual trying to sell or promote something to you doesn't have a real solid testimony or example of how they use what they are trying to sell.

Integrity should matter. It's one thing to do your own due diligence on products and services yourself. But the person introducing you to an opportunity should be able to give you a solid, valid yet personal reasons. If not  specific because their reasons are not sincere.

Do your due diligence 3.1


I don't recommend trusting anyone who is not actively or presently using the companies products or services. Perhaps if they can't show you proof or an example that they themselves are using it I would not buy anything from them. How you earn money matters. If your emotions are too wrap up in endorsing a product or service with the primary concern of earning money rather than delivering value and satisfaction then your motives are pure. I don't believe in selling junk just to earn a commission. 

Having respect for yourself and those you represent will be reflected by what you promote and how you promote it. It will also be reflected by your willingness to learn how to do and build business properly. If you were led wrong that is what will be imprinted onto you. When you lead others that will be what you imprint onto others. Doing everything right from the start is what will be the maker or breaker of whether or not you're successful. This will also be the determining factor of how soon or how fast you accomplish it. 

When you have solid products and services that you use and have tried that adds value to your life and enhances your experience. You have a solid business. Just as long as keep the main thing the main thing. I wanted to provide this information as unbiased as possible. As much as I want you to try the products or services from my life style business opportunity. I just happen to respect it too much to market, promote and sell it as that is what everyone else does. Only those qualified will ever find out what I do. I don't do mass marketing. It doesn't take many people to make it work!





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