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Entrepreneur Identified


The first thing that you have to understand is this! Success is not and was not designed for average or below average people to get their hands on it. The proof is easy! Because there is a near 100% failure rate. Need I say more? There are a lot of things that must be considered. If you want to be successful at anything no matter what it is you can't half step. You will not make it by trying to get by on the bare bone minimum.

To create success every business, entity, or individual require the same thing. We have to have a product or service to sell. We have to have an opportunity to build. A common need that we all have is money. Other people have the money that you seek to earn. Establishing your personal brand and identity is necessary. You have 4 factors to work in especially if you're new, struggling or failing. 

1. Know - there has to be a fun and exciting way for people to get to know you.

2. Like - people don't have to like you but they should respect you. It is always nice to have people who like us.

3. Trust - generally if people like you trust is soon to follow.

4. Credibility - you need to know your stuff, be able to effectively communicate it and remain consistent. 

There is a saying you need "traffic, leads and sales" if you want to build a successful business. If that is true then all businesses regardless of what are in competition. Do you want to just compete or do you want to dominate your competition? You can dominate by simply doing what other people are not willing to do. It's that simple.


There has to be constant growth and development. Success has nothing to do with how you feel and what you want to do. But has everything to do with you becoming the main attraction. We use terms like "Authority" or becoming the go to person in the field of your desire. How serious you are about your success will be determined by who you listen to, who you follow, how you spend your money, and where you spend your money. The decisions you make and the things that you have readily available will communicate the type of business person that you are.

How you treat people and how you make them feel is not the only determining factor of your ability to attract people to your brand. Motivation & Inspiration are not enough to build a business or income on. When it comes to being an Entrepreneur you have a lot of things you must bring to the table. To be successful you must bring the skill and work ethic. Success does not just fall in your lap. You can have the best products or services to ever hit the market. And if you have a fear of dealing with other people then it doesn't matter. You can have the best of the best but if you don't know how to communicate effectively it won't matter. WHY? Because your fear and lack of skill will prevent you from getting anywhere close to the results that make success a reality. 

Choosing products or services created by others doesn't make you an entrepreneur. Signing up to participate in a business opportunity doesn't make you one either. And therefore nothing you spend money on in the home based business industry should never ever under any circumstance be considered as an "investment". 


You have to understand the difference between an asset and a liability. What some people pass off as "investing in yourself", "investing in one's self" or making an "investment" really means the purchase of a liability. When you spend the money to partner with an opportunity that is not investing in yourself. When you buy a course that teaches you how to do something. That is only a liability. Everything is a liability until you learn how to turn it into an asset that you profit from. Until then the only true investment would be to apply the skills to turn the profit. 

Entrepreneurship is all about having 100% full control of the situation and the outcome. If you're involved with something that you did not create you have an overwhelming amount of limitations and disadvantages the only way for you to win big is to innovate and think outside of the box. If this is something that you are incapable of doing the only chance you have at success is by becoming thoroughly educated and training will be required. To even make it online you have to learn things that will drive you crazy if you don't have the passion and desire to learn. 

Do you really want time freedom? And do you really want financial freedom? That requires empowerment. You need knowledge and understanding of what you need to have and what you need to do in order to be able to liberate yourself to break into time and financial freedom. The power of positive thinking or wishful and hopeful thinking is not going to help you when success requires action. Your mindset has nothing to do with what you can actually do. Mindset has absolutely nothing to do with what you're capable of accomplishing.


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