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I heard Grant Cardone say: "Don't just compete with your competition but dominate". Every since I have been at the drawing board working to figure out just how to do that. Michael Jordan was the greatest player that ever played the game and so he built every team that he ever won the champion ship with. To be the best you have to out work everyone else. Or you have to align yourself with the other counter parts to make yourself even better. And that is what I have done. I partnered with the best lifestyle business opportunity in our industry. 

WHY? because they have eliminated all of the flaws of the industry. HOW? By partnering with those who are the best at what they do. ALSO by creating the most fairest compensation plan the industry has ever seen. With our extensive line of products and services includes financial education services. I am glad that I don't have to partner with multiple companies just to get everything that everyone not only needs but want. It makes the most logical sense. 

When it comes to products and services it makes sense to partner with an opportunity that already has the track record. They already have the reputation, the branding. A company that has been the best kept secret for nearly 30 years. The best corporate leadership team ever assembled. A company that launches something new every 6 months. As an individual working by yourself or working in an opportunity that is limited to just 1 product or service with no way to increase your income in any other way but by the never ending cycle of endless recruiting. 

Two things the average person is not good at is sales and recruiting. It's the most dreadful task especially when you don't have the proper education or training. 



Having the time to do what we love and the money to do it with is a concern for most. Life is always better when we simply have more options. When you have more time then you can do more of what you want. When you have more money when it comes to purchases you have more options. Coming in at #3 not so much for revenue generation based more on significance is the Financial Education Service genre of the home based business industry. 

Having fairly decent credit can also be a factor that provides more options. Many people have a concern to fix or repair their credit. 4 things that cause people to fail and struggle.

1. Lack of education,

2. Discipline,

3. Preparation,

4. Action

Practical ways to improve the quality of life starts first with bringing in enough money to form a solid budget. The plan should be to pay all current existing bills on time in addition to paying off old debt. That is the best place to start. Utilizing free resources is something I recommend over paid any day. Once you're debt free or if you have extra money put that money to work to grow more money. It's all easier said than done.


There are a wide variety of ways to bring in more money. You could get a second job, do side work, buy or acquire assets to create cash flow. You could become an affiliate marketer, cpa marketer, multi level or network marketer you could also consider becoming an entrepreneur. An investor is also an option. There are plenty of solutions that exist to help you bring in more money you just have to look and be aware of your options. 

How much money is not nearly as important as how much you can keep. In business especially home based business most people blow their money instead of planning ahead to create and preserve the longevity of their business. The majority don't have the skill or know how to go about building or growing properly.


When you have extra money or when your budget allows you should focus on buying and acquiring assets and seek to create passive income. Invest your hard earned money don't blow it. Put your money in a place where it can grow. There are free programs and apps out there that are specifically designed to help you do exactly that. Do your research and listen to licensed professionals who get paid to provide financial advice most of these types of services are free of charge. 


There are a lot of great programs and business opportunities out there that exist when it comes to financial education services. The problem is people make them look bad, dishonest and put a negative taste in a lot of people's mouths when it comes to the subject. It seems like in nearly every area of the home based business industry hype, nonsense and deception drives the sales. In the video above I mentioned people giving credit to a company for positive credit impacts when the company had no involvement at all. 

In the portrait below is an example of someone promoting the company "Myecon" a multi level marketing company centered around financial education services the predominant focus is either "credit repair" or "fix your credit". The girl Isabel boast of her "first approved credit card" which isn't a credit card it's a line of credit that can only be used to purchased from the "fingerhut store". She said proof is in the pudding because she got approved for an $180 credit limit with the fresh start account". The good thing is fingerhut is a great way to build your credit quickly. The bad part is they are promoting their team on something that nearly everyone qualifies for in general.

This post was made on may 30th 2019. I applied for this same thing in 2018 and got approved. I am not in Myecon nor am I on a financial education service team. Again it discuss me when people will do and say anything to get a sale or a sign up on something that has absolutely nothing to do with that they're trying to promote. It's dishonest and something that has been going on and I don't believe will ever stop because people have no morals when it comes to business

One of the most dangerous things about social media is people co sign and buy into so much deceptive nonsense and they fall into a lot of traps and snares simply because they're not educated and people don't know any better. If you choose to join or go into financial education services I hope that you do your research on the person or people you join not just the company or opportunity. Companies and opportunities come and go but people will always be around. 

This article has been updated from the original date it was. In 2020 deception is at it's highest level. People are literally being taught how to pray on uneducated and untrained people to be the next victims of fraudulent scams. They are using everything as a smoke screen from: 

  • Forex 
  • Digital/crypto currency
  • Investment deals 
  • Affiliate Marketing 

Don't trust any online brands that don't have full credibility beyond SOCIAL-MEDIA.

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  • September 13, 2019

    First and foremost, I am very much so interested in your course. Furthermore, I agree 100% with everything that you said in the article as well as in the video. As you said, money is a very taboo and sensitive topic to discuss. Personally, I had to learn things the hard way when it comes to credit and finances in general.

    I felt depressed and utterly overwhelmed due to the compounding amount of student loan debt. That I got myself into sadly, I didn’t know what to do. Sure I would read books, but just like everything else that I read over the years, it was so confusing.

    Therefore, I ended up not taking any action at all at the time. Unfortunately, all this debt was from 2009, and I’m slowly but surely just now beginning to see my way now. Lastly, I agree that there’s a lot of fraudulent activity going on with many distributors that promote these financial service companies. Before I wouldn’t have given any of this a thought. Because I was so naive and desperate to earn money that I promoted anything.

    Not anymore because I’ve been made aware of things, and what I’m seeing people do. To promote these businesses makes me sick with all the deception, hype, and utter nonsense. That’s being used in an effort to drum up sales and leads. (sorry for long comment!)

  • Angela Shepherd
    September 16, 2019

    Yes….. I would be interested in the course. There are alot of Financial businesses out there. You just have to see which one is good for you.

  • Khai
    September 23, 2019

    I’m currently with FES and I think they’re pretty good. They gave me a headstart on what I would need to do to better my credit because I would have been overwhelmed with all the research and people I would have to talk to. I’m interested in your course as well.


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