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Health And Wellness


From a business perspective nothing in the home based business industry generates more money than health and wellness. It only makes sense to participate. Due to the fact that health care has risen to a trillion dollar industry is another reason to take your health serious enough to supplement your diet. Multi level or network marketing started with health and wellness. In the 1940's the concepts were revealed. It supposed to be simple! Have a great experience with a product or service. And share it with others. Because this rewarded you over and over again. 

Unfortunately multi level marketing is flawed. The internet has complicated so many things. We live in the digital age of massive deception. There are a lot of companies that the FTC shut down. There are not as many around as there used to be. In 2020 alone the FTC handed out more than 20 warnings. Some companies ended up on the list twice.  Some companies have distributors prostituting their bodies just to sell products between Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. 

People do mass marketing without any real substance. Everyone loves to share testimonies of people they don't even know on a personal level rather than sharing their own personal testimony. People often talk about the people they follow being the top earner instead of sharing their personal experience. It's always about the company, the ceo the products, the service and the compensation plan. Rarely do you see or get value in between the hype and nonsense. People struggle with health and wellness for the same reasons that people struggle with everything else. And that is because of poor education, no training, and no real example to follow.  If you're new, struggling or failing get help. Learn the real skills it takes. 

Health And Wellness


Unfortunately the fake and fraudulent have to use the same lingo or same language as those who are real and legitimate. However there is a crystal clear night and day difference that you can tell between the two. And can be easy once pointed out. There are companies that have real products that are backed by science and clinical studies and then there are products that are placebos which are backed by hype and nonsense. For the uneducated and untrained mind it can be difficult to see and know the difference between what is real and fake. 

Try the products first. Test them yourself and form your own testimony. Think soberly from a sound mind. Don't just look at compensation plans and base your choice off the things that you're desperate for. After all when you decide remember that you have your work cut out for you. It is not wise to make decisions based off your emotions especially when it comes to business. 

Congress passed the soil conservation act which paid farmers not to grow food during the great depression. WHY? because of soil erosion. Congress declared the land depleted of nutritional value. WHY? Because they failed to let the land rest so it could replenish. Today about 3% of our foods are farmed while the other 97% are processed. That is a solid reason for supplementation. If you want energy, to lose weight, gain weight, or whatever health concern you're trying to accomplish get off prescription drugs there are safe, natural and organic alternatives. Don't worry the FDA only approves things that have the potential to harm and kill people. Drink enough water, get rest eat right are the basics of living a healthy life. That is easier done for those trained. 

Health And Wellness


I have a lifestyle business opportunity that has over 10,000 licensed health professionals. We have an entire product line dedicated for health practitioners that don't have to worry about their licenses being in jeopardy. WHY? Our products are backed by real science. And put through rigorous testing. 

There is a good mix of different product types. Some powder based, some pill based, It all depends on the delivery system. All the products work differently in their own way. Whatever you are into whatever you need we have it.  Because I am apart of full fledge health and wellness. And that is a true lifestyle business. That is in addition to having access to all of the multi-billion-dollar markets. Feel free to check out my team SUCCESS4THETAKING. It is the fastest growing and most dynamic team online it's been around since 2014. A few powerful things that you need to know is we're not apart of a multi level marketing business opportunity. And when it comes to our efforts we earn anywhere from 50-85% commissions throughout the entire compensation plan that is higher than any business opportunity that exists in the home based business industry today. 

If you hate to sell, recruit, and twist people's arms. If you're tired of jumping from program to program. And if you're tired of not getting proper education, training and support. It's going to be a powerful solution for you if you want to create time and financial freedom at the same time in 90 days or sooner. I provide everything you need, education, training, tools, and resources. Due to the fact that it is not mlm it doesn't require that many people to make it work. This means your work load is much simpler than anything mlm can offer.  


The home based business industry wouldn't exist if it had not been for "health and wellness". Health concerns has been a subject since the first time a human became ill and died from that illness. Science and the medical field have come a long way. Our technology has too. One main concern that never goes away is providing for the family. Greed can easily get in the way. While some aim to do the wrong things to gain there are those out there that aim to do the right thing even if it's not necessarily popular. 

Two types of people exist and they can change.

1. proactive - when people know, learn or are made aware of the dangers of being unhealthy they do research plan and execute to improve their health or to reverse the harmful effects of being unhealthy.

2. reactive - people who wait till the last minute to find out what is wrong, allow the doctors to treat through medication. Heavily rely on medication to treat the symptoms. 

I fall right in the middle. There was suspicion for a while. I made the adjustments first then went to get checkout. Somethings in life happened knocking me off the wagon. From time to time I get back on the wagon and get off and on. (most people) 


no matter what the desired accomplishment is requires a determined mind, with a plan in place to execute. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting help as long as it's not illegal, harmful or immoral. If you're in the home based business industry health and wellness makes up the majority in number of companies that exists, products that can be offered to the market. An extremely lucrative way to earn money with customers.


There are a lot of great purpose driven health and wellness products. Generally made up of herbs, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and adaptogens. They come in all forms. Pills, powders, drinks, patches, edibles and so on. A truth we all must consider is this. If you smoke cigarettes, chew tobacco, drink alcohol, or use and abuse any narcotics or other chemical substances. It's likely you know. I'm confident with all the programs of the past 30 years you're completely aware of the risks.

When you were ready to have fun consuming you did so knowing but without question you indulged. Now us health and wellness nuts come to you with real nutritional value that can help you. You want to examine, hesitate and use caution? Many have used Items that are illegal because known danger. Yet people are concerned with the FDA's approval? How hypocritical. 

Everything in life has a price regardless if you pay with your health, money or your life. Everything has a cost associated with it. The awesome thing is the fact that you have the freedom of choice to choose exactly how you want to pay. Some choices are harder than others. The easiest choices cost the most. If you have a family and children involved choose wisely. 


The hardest part of doing the right things when it comes to health can be endless.

1. when you're used to eating a certain way you have habits to break.

2. if you're used to sleeping a certain way you have habits to break.

3. if you don't drink enough water you have habits to form.

4. when you're not use to taking supplementation you have habits to form.

5. if you're not use to exercising then you have habits to break and habits to form. 

You're going to have to do things you don't want to do. You're going to have to force yourself to eat , consume and do things that go against your lifestyle. That is discipline and required for success. 


You are the last person that you will ever listen to. Motivation is nice but that is something you must have yourself. Inspiration is an awesome thing to have. You have to be inspired. Support is a great thing to have in your corner. You have to be able to support your own mentality. Don't expect someone else to do anything for you. If you need a community start one. You want support build your own support group. If you don't know how join one and learn how yourself. 

Do you want to build a team? Do It! If you can't join one that is established and build one inside of the main one. In fact I want to invite you to take a look at my team.


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  • Khai
    January 12, 2021

    Yes to all of this! People who choose this genre are smart especially because more people are turning to natural alternatives to treat themselves. Healthcare industries make a lot of money not only because it’s essential but because they treat not cure. They’ll treat a symptom like a headache, but there’s no point if it keeps coming back. Holistic health treats the root and the effect and I’m so glad people are realizing this today.

    • christopher
      February 16, 2021

      that is right one of the push button hot topics of the political world is health care!


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