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Home Based Business Industry


The pitches in the beginning of the video are on the idea and selling you on the lifestyle of time and financial freedom. Is it real? And is if even possible? That all depends. You are at the mercy of what you know, what you learn and what you do. For the majority that participate in this industry the results are the same. Only about 3% succeed while the near 100% continue to struggle and fail. Because of the high failure rate you can't afford to waste your time and energy on things that tickle your ears and release your brain's dopamine. Entities regardless if they are a group of people, a team, or if its an individual be sure to exhaust your energy to find a balance. 

In the home based business you're going to see more off balance than balance. The industry is dominated with the failed concepts of "motivation", "inspiration", "personal development" and "self development". People only post, promote, share and show the illusion they want you to see. That is called toxic positivity. It's what I call a form of fakery that the masses frequently fall for. There has to be a strong balance between the pros and cons, the good with the bad, the glamour with the ugly, last but not least the challenges and the rewards. 

Our industry is chaotic and its massively flooded with hype, nonsense, and deception. Because of that you should make people work to earn your trust. When you exchange your money for a product, service or opportunity. You're contributing, supporting, validating and solidifying someone else's income. Everyone has to pay their dues first before dues are ever paid to anyone. It's the industry's true nature.

Home Based Business Industry


Due to my level of understanding and my level of expertise I know what you need to know first and what you need to know next. The reason for the order of priority is simple. You learn how to read or write in a specific order of priority. What you need to know first is how to identify the letters of the alphabet. And next how to arrange the letters to make words. When you're able to make words next you learn how to arrange the words to make sentences and eventually paragraphs.

My experience combined with an understanding of how people work from years of study is where I draw from to put this content together for you the way that I do in the order that I do it in.

A true and experienced qualified business professional will provide a con for every pro. They should set proper and realistic expectations. If they fail that should be a red flag. They should be able to not only give you the good and positive things but that bad as well. And they should be giving you the ugly with the glamour. You're going to see examples in the future content of what that looks like. 

One of the biggest red flags you can clearly see on social media especially "FACEBOOK" if they only post one of the following:

  1. Company 
  2. Products 
  3. Opportunity 
  4. Success Stories Products/Incomes

Because of the fact that the masses in every company and every opportunity all do that you should avoid these people. Why? Mass marketing does not work its extremely ineffective. The majority will lie and say they are having success when they clearly are not. In order to standout and have success you have to provide real distinguishable, and authentic substance


It is important that you understand the times we're living in depending on when you come across this information. The world is not a safe and innocent place. The internet is just as dangerous. Money is a sensitive subject and everyone is after 2 things. Your time and your money. If they can get your money without your time they will take that any day of the week. This means that people will cross moral boundaries and unethical lines just to seduce, and manipulate you out of your money. The purpose of my content is to raise awareness so this doesn't happen to you. 

By me taking the time to put together content like this should prove to you that I care about you more than accepting money from you. Yes I am in business for profit. I hold myself to a high standard to the point that I will not allow anyone to support my income unless they are fully aware of what they are getting to before they get involved to participate. 

With me when it comes to my life style business opportunity education and training comes before sponsoring and partnering. Same goes with everything I do. If you seek my training and coaching program same standard applies education and expectations first long before acceptance. 

The home based business industry has 7 genres/categories, 4 legal approaches to earn money and only about 3 - 4 different compensation options. Due to the nature of the industry, there are a lot of fakes, snakes, and frauds and hopefully my content will reveal and expose them well enough so that you can properly identify them. And ultimately help you avoid them. Even if you may decide to never support my income or partner with me in anyway at least find someone honest. 


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  • October 17, 2020

    Chris, wow, you’re certainly a heavy hitter in this profession, and I appreciate your knowledge, skills, and wisdom in the industry. Your articles cover topics that self-proclaimed Coaches, Gurus, Leaders, and Mentors alike fail to cover because they want people that are looking into the home based business profession. To believe that everything is gumdrops, rainbows, and sunshine all the time when that’s honestly not the case at all. Furthermore, you’ve schooled me in a lot of ways. I, for one, have never heard. About toxic positive until you started talking about it and bringing it to my attention.

    • christopher
      December 27, 2021

      hey thanks for your feedback I appreciate you!

  • December 15, 2020

    I’m looking forward to the HBB series, Chris! Before I got into the HBB industry, I never heard of it. I thought going to college, working a career for a few decades, and retiring was the only way I could earn income. Once I learned about the HBB industry, I was exposed to so many more options. It wasn’t without trial and error though as I also fell for the illusion that all I had to do was post 6 times a day and send copy-paste messages to family and friends. Mass marketing. I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong until I came across your content a few years ago, Chris. I’m so glad to have found you. Thank you for all you do!

    • christopher
      December 17, 2020

      Hey thanks for the kind words I appreciate it this is why I start with education long before sponsoring someone!

      • johnnysharvey
        December 28, 2021

        The one thing I can honestly tell you is that Chris delivers on his promises. It took me a long time to understand why he had me doing things a certain way ..Once I understood I surged forward my dream is right on the front door I can see it and taste it. And that is the motivation I needed

        • christopher
          December 28, 2021

          thanks for your kind words Johnny at the end of the day without the proper guidance you will never get where you want without the full understanding of where you are going!

    • christopher
      December 28, 2021

      In some cases you can go to college get a degree and live GOOD you still can unfortunately the cost associated are astronomical if you don’t have direction and guidance in your life!


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