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How To Build A Website 2.0


Self hosted is the way to go. Every successful entity that has brand visibility, authority and impact on their income supporters do so because they have 100% pure control. And there is no confusion about the value they bring. They say "find out what the successful do" and then copy that. Most of the people who "seem" to earn a lot of money using social media are not. Someone that is genuine and professional that cares about their audience/following or income supporters will have a "blog" that they can follow. Greedy people tend to be lazy. They want to get by on the bare bones minimum. They want to post screenshots and make people think they are earning a lot of money when it's nothing more than lies that are photoshopped. 

Scam artist are very skilled at what they do however the way they are using the skill is unethical and immoral because they are not providing real value or substance why do you think they hide within the confines of a "Facebook" or social media group. Instead of operating within the parameters of their own website? Even if you don't know how to build a website you can still blog. Blogging is extremely easy. They used the same basic word processing editor that is a standard to nearly everything where writing is involved. You can add videos, images etc. I mean if you have not noticed by now that is how all my articles are put together. 

They say success leaves clues. The only clues that can be left without distractions or disturbance is a blog. They say read or to read books and they equate that to being serious about success. Well I don't write books I blog. 

How To Build A Website 2.0


The difference between my competition is simple. I give back upfront and right away. Instead of making you buy my books I put the critical information into bite sized pieces so it's easy for you to digest . And I don't charge you for it either. When it comes to skills, training, mentoring, giving direction and guidance cost me my time. It costs patience. That is why that content is not free. It does require a consultation call which is not free. If you're having a hard time in the industry and you can't figure out why that is because you lack the proper education. If you're doing everything you can to produce results and you produce no results that is because you lack the proper training.

Everything I know was either because someone else taught me or they pointed me in the right direction. Somethings I was able to learn on my own because I was passionate had the desire and the work ethic. Somethings I know I would never know had I not push myself past the pain points and frustration obstacles on my personal path. Most people get mad, and give up that is the difference between those who want to succeed and those that don't. If you want to succeed it's by choice nothing and no one can or will stop you.

I am living proof that no matter the difficulty whether that be in ability or in understanding you can get through it. You have to have a bulldog mentality and a determination to see your success all the way through. With that being said it's not enough just to have a website, a lead capture and sales funnel in place. And a bunch of content. 


You do have to do and lay some ground work if you want what you do to pay off or have any significant impact to your income/business. When you're selling things to earn a commission or selling to earn money in general unless you have access to the people who want what you have to offer. It's going to be difficult. Take fishing for example. If you want to catch fish then you have to go to where the fish are. You can't expect to catch fish on a mountain. Or in a body of water that contains no fish. 

Learn how to communicate or speak the language of your ideal customer, client, or business partner. Create the full content then drip it. They will make themselves known when they see your content. When it comes to your chances at creating success you have to understand that you're in an extremely competitive digital environment. Everyone is competing for time, attention and ultimately money. Everything you do can only increase your chances at becoming successful. Success can't be guaranteed under any circumstance. However your level of seriousness will be validated by your ability to do what is necessary and stay focused while staying consistent. 

Having your own website gives you exactly that. A platform where you can create powerful impactful content that can do several of the following:

  1. Raise Awareness by attracting or bringing people back to your brand.
  2. Educates by making people aware of their options.
  3. Motivates by making people desire the rewards 
  4. Inspires by making people believe they can accomplish something.

When you give people a fun strong and exciting way to get to know you, like you and trust you as credible success becomes easier and easier. If you need a hosting server CLICK HERE


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