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How To Build A Website 2.1


My training and coaching service for you means getting straight to the point as fast as humanly possible. Learning on your own knowing nothing means a lot of headaches and frustration. From my experience regardless of how easy I make it on you there will still be frustrations, confusion, difficulties, and challenges. The difference is if you try to figure this out on your own it will take you a lot longer. If you're like me and you want to push yourself until you do I won't hold you back. I provide the service which brings the solutions to reduce your learning curve but as much as possible. And I am there with you every step of the way holding your hand. 

With creating success comes challenges embrace them do not run. It's extremely overwhelming when it comes to learning. There is a lot to learn when it comes to the process of creating success. After you learn there is a lot less to actually do. The more you learn to the faster you can become. Content creation takes the longest but as you get more experience you will become faster and faster. 

In the beginning your work load from learning and implementing could be 6 - 8 hours. When you get to my level and gain more experience you're looking at 1 - 3 hours tops. Given that you're using the right tools, services, and systems that help facilitate that. Keep in mind the hours can be spread out over a few days as I am sure that you have time constraints such as: 

  1. Family. 
  2. Job/Career. 
  3. Life Responsibilities.
  4. Fun/Free time.

 It takes discipline, determination, passion, desire, a willingness to learn and a work ethic. Success is a lot easier to reach with reliable guidance.

How To Build A Website 2.1


If you want to be successful to the point of being able to sleep at night. Work hard. Be honest. Build and provide value that far exceeds the cost to support your income. Don't be lazy and certainly don't be greedy. A lot of people talk about knowing your personal worth but nobody spends any time talking about showing your worth. People can only perceive what they see. If people are hesitant and skeptical that is because you didn't do a good enough job on the communication. Or you didn't do a good enough job presenting the information. This is something even I have room to improve on. You can't create or build a successful business or income with incompetent people who just don't understand what is what. 

Most people have been hit and hammered with so many things over the years they just simply pass everything off as being the same. This is why you have to be responsible with automation. Mass marketing is okay to do but if you're not connecting and impacting people on a personal level through the process there is something wrong. Not only that something critical is missing. Most people quit and fail in the industry of self employment and entrepreneurship because they make everything about them instead of the people they want to support their income. So when something is hard and challenging they forget why they started or got involved in the first place. 

Don't cut corners. Don't seek easy street. And don't try to get by on cheap, weak and easy. Don't gravitate towards fast and quick. Yes there is working smarter and not harder. When it comes to your credibility, reliability, and dependability kill yourself in those areas. Provide your best stand out. 


It is not a good look to expect others to do what you yourself are not willing to do. People talk about knowing your worth all the time. What about showing your worth. People can only see what you show them. They can only hear what you tell them. They can only do what you teach them. You can only teach them what you have experience with. If you expect the best then you must give the best. One thing my competition does that I will never do is interfere with the people you worked hard to gain. I typically don't take referrals from other people because I would rather you get credit for that relationship. 

You want to look and sound different. You don't want to appear to be the same as everyone else. And you don't ever want to be labeled fake. Or someone who copies or plagiarizes. In 2021 and beyond more and more people are being exposed for being fake, fraudulent and scam artist. There is a right way and a wrong way to do business online. There is a legal and legit way to conduct business online. And there is an illegal way as well. Criminals display the same exact consistent signature of behavior patterns. Some it's a bit harder to detect, discern or pick up on. However if you listen, pay attention and learn you can prevent yourself from being the next victim of fraudulent and misleading scams. 

If you want to be successful it's going to come at the support of other people. If that is what you're looking for then you must have something exclusive to lead them back to in order to get and gain their attention. You must consistently work hard to gain and hold their attention.

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