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How To Build A Website 2.2


Everyone has their work cut out when it comes to creating success. What you have to understand is there are only a few things you can do. And there are only a few ways that you can do it. When it comes to your income being supported it is not about you. The quicker you learn this or figure this out the better. Don't spend so much time being over analytical. Refrain from overthinking. Yes it is overwhelming but things always get easier. When it comes to how you create time and financial freedom there are only a handful of options. Inside of each option there are and endless number of opportunities. 

When you choose what you want to do to accomplish success is when it's no longer about you. Yes I am self employed but I still work for those who support my income. That work never ends ever. That is why you have to choose something that you love and enjoy. Hating what you do will break you and cause you to quit. Having the right attitude helps also. Being your own boss and living life on your terms is not realistic if you want to create true time and financial freedom and keep it. 

Once you know where you want to go and how to get there it's all down hill. It does get easier as long as you learn everything you need to learn before you start anything. Success is something that you have to prepare for. When you are prepared for it it will happen and happen fast. And this happens to the point where you may of not been expecting it. It's a true by product of consistency. LEARN EVERYTHING FIRST!

How To Build A Website 2.2


Success is so much easier to accomplish when you're organized. When you know where you want to go and how to get there it's easier to make a plan. Once you execute that plan you will arrived at your destination of success. Learning is not always fun. And it is certainly not always easy. Somethings may even drive you crazy and make you want to punch a hole in your computer screen. If I had given up and quit when those challenges surfaced this website and content wouldn't even exist. I've wanted to quit and give up before. That just calls for taking a necessary break and then jumping back into it.

Everything I can do took me a long time to learn and develop into. Every skill I have cost me some money and a lot of time. I can greatly reduce the time it took me for you to become as developed as I am. Even at my level there is still room for improvement. I can always get better. The reason I get better and better is because I take constructive criticism and accept feedback. I always watch and learn from those doing much better than me. A good majority of what you need to know is in plain site. 

My daily action plan to accomplish results is real simple:

  1. It always starts with content creation.
  2. Followed by drip content 
  3. Prospecting 
  4. Follow up

I use both direct and indirect approaches. I rely more on my personal connections than I do mass marketing. Mass marketing is not effective most of the time. That is why I create my content and make it as powerful and strong as I can. Nearly everyone who pays attention and  consumes my content are deeply impacted.

How To Build A Website 2.2


Only a few ways to create content and a few ways to make sure it's not wasted that people see it. A lot of people want to use attraction marketing, a lot of people want people to come to them. The truth is if you don't learn how to drum up business for yourself no one will ever come to you. I don't care how great your website is. And how much content you have. I don't care if your content is the best of the best. If you can't get people to it then there is something wrong. Generating and driving traffic is not a hard thing to do. Especially if you have social media or if you're using advertising websites where people go to shop for things.

True attraction marketing when it comes to the internet is this: when people go to search for something can they find you? When they do find you can they rely on you, can they trust you. Do you appeal to them as credible? Can they learn from you? All of those questions must be addressed in every aspect of your brand. If you don't know then you must learn. There are only 4 ways to market your content. They are mentioned in the video. The strength of your brand will be a reflection of your results. This will be a direct result of how well your train yourself to come out of your comfort zone to provide deep impact. You should always remain in a constant state of being uncomfortable. The more uncomfortable you are all the time the more your growth factor.

Lazy people who refuse to come out of the boundaries of their comfort zones will have no, very little or limited success!

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