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How To Build A Website


It takes content to create success and content to sustain it. Having your own platform to launch your online success from should be your number 1 priority. Having full control with capabilities that give you creative authority should mean something to you. And this is something that should matter especially if you're wanting to build something powerful that impacts and changes the lives of other people. If you don't know how to do this you can't afford not to learn. The difference between myself and my competition is they will have you branding and promoting them or what they do rather than empowering you with the skills necessary to build your brand exclusively. 

Grant it you may not have your own website. And you may not even know how to go about building one and that is okay. That doesn't mean you should avoid learning. Everything we know we had to learn by being taught by someone else or by educating ourselves through the content that others have created. The name of the game of creating online success is simple; Drop a strong hammer of value. Learn how to build value and create it. Build substance and control who gets to see it.

Your website can be your greatest asset! There are 3 primary results that success can come from when you're working online. 

  • Traffic

is the first step. You must have a website to generate or drive traffic to. You need to be able to track that traffic and see exactly where it's coming from. And you need to know what content your traffic is consuming if they are just in the state of traffic.

  • Leads 

are the second step. You must have a lead capture and sales funnel system in place. And if your traffic finds value they will make that known by subscribing, opting in or requesting more information that educates them about what you have to offer. 

  • Sales

are the final step. You must have good and solid offers that make logical sense to your leads. This requires marketing and selling skills. Ultimately effective communication skills.

How To Build A Website


Do not make claims you can't fulfil, promises you can't keep and make people think you are something when you're clearly not. If you can't do it or don't know how don't brand yourself that way. Think about this. You want to create a lifestyle of time and financial freedom right? What does it take to be able to create a life like that? Other people. The money you seek to earn comes from other people. If they are going to support your income what will you give them in exchange? A lot of people miss this part or never learn it. You have 3 options. 

  1. Create a product that provides or delivers gratification and satisfaction. To create a residual income it should be a consumable. In order to create a residual income people have to continue purchasing it. Think about the time, work and money that may go into creating a product that can yield time and financial freedom. 
  2. Provide a service that is capable of enhancing someone's life or experience personal or business. Perhaps they gain access to exclusive benefits that could be anything imaginable. 
  3. Provide a solution or alternative to solve a pain point by providing a tool or certain knowledge or information that can help someone get to where they want to be. 

More often then not people complicate this process and overthink. I've done this before. What I have found is streamlining everything and keeping it simple leads to creating time and financial freedom at a much faster pace than working with complex things that yield no real results. 


How To Build A Website


If you wanted to create time and financial freedom sooner rather than later it would make the most logical sense for you to consider my lifestyle business opportunity. However you may want to create your own product, service or participate in a different business opportunity. And that is absolutely fine. But you may lack the education, training, skills, tools and resources necessary to make it a success. If that is true that is why I exist in providing a training and coaching service. 

My lifestyle business compliments my skillset. Every product and service I use already is something I get paid for when I show others how to convert what they already spend into earnings. Due to the fact that it's not mlm and doesn't require a lot to make it work makes it ideal for the average person with no skill, not understanding of any of this stuff. 

The truth is you're going to do whatever it is that you want. Just understand regardless of what you choose to do there are not many options when it comes to the process or the approach you take to create success. Online social media will not be enough. And if you insist on going down a different path when it comes to opportunity I will not hold you back or get in your way. I can and will help you. That is what I am here for. The first step to building online success starts with branding yourself with your own website which starts with a domain name. 

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