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How To Build Online Success 2.0


The domain name is the digital location of where your brand lives. Hosting is where the files live. You can install any website application you want through a host. They do have applications that are specifically designed for certain business types. If you're into Ecommerce they have an app for that. If you want to run a forum there is an app for that. The particular application we would use for what we do is WordPress. WordPress is a content management system also known as (CMS) for short. There are others that exist. There are different web applications you can use for so many different reasons. 

The most common website platform or CMS that is used online is WordPress. The primary reason is because no technical or coding skills are required. Everything you need to create, manage and maintain an online business can be done right inside of your website. This is why I use it. When it comes to my personal brand and my personal income I can create anything I can imagine. And everything I can think of to do for maximum impact I can do it. I have full control, full capability and full authority. 

Standing out online is not easy. Grabbing attention and holding is not easy. Average and below average people are overwhelmed, too distracted and in most cases to busy to focus. Life is so hectic for the masses and life is a huge competitor to overcome. You have a better chance of standing out if you have creative control and that is exactly what your own professionally branded WordPress website will give you. A true, real and solid platform to launch your online success from. Without it your results are limited to suffering.

How To Build Online Success 2.0


There are two problems social media has that is not going away. Too many distractions. And too much competition. Desperate people who are lazy and unmotivated spend hours scrolling Facebook to leave fake and thoughtless engagement in hopes of getting returned engagement as if those are business transactions you earn money from. The other side of the coin you have your competition marketing with methods that cater to average and below average people who may never make or take any steps at building something of any real value or substance. 

As long as you rely heavily on social media and you never step outside of it then your results will always remain limited. As long as you only look for positive, motivating, inspiring and encouraging post to engage on and that is all you do you will never be successful. And as long as you copy, regurgitate and repeat everything everyone else is already doing you will stay stuck. By having your own platform and knowing what and how to create content that impacts people. And by knowing what to do and how to get it in front of the right people. By having all of this is the only chance of success that you have. You need a place to launch your success from. Your own branded platform is the only viable option to get you there. 

My competition will have you branding a company or their company. They will have you promoting their brand or a company brand. And they will have you doing everything to benefit everyone and everything else except you. That is where I am different. I educate, train and fully empower you to be able to standout in such away that you sound like you. Success tailored to YOU.

How To Build Online Success 2.0


People say "make money first then brand yourself" that is backwards. "earning money requires skill". Branding is simply establishing your identity. WHY do you do that? To establish the know , like and trust factors! WHY? If it is true that people only do business with those whom they know like and trust then what do people have to go off of? I have never understood the logic of arrogant people who earn a lot of money. I never understood why they endorse things that don't work and trash the things that do. Success is all about learning and growing and communication is a huge part of that. 

"Earning money" in our industry that equates to success consist of two things. One is marketing and selling products. The other is establishing business partners. You either have a customer that could be a client or a business partner. If you plan on creating a lifestyle of time and financial freedom how are you really to do that with no identity, no brand, and no reputation beyond a social media profile. Success comes down to having what other people don't have or being able to provide something exclusive that nobody else can. 

Your success will come down to you learning how to build a strong hammer of value and then dropping that hammer on the right people that it will have an impact on. This should motivate, inspire and influence people into supporting your income if you take the time to learn and develop in to a value generating machine. The masses are too lazy and fearful. In most cases their comfort zone keeps them small and from branching their efforts out in the deep. To build a website brand you need a domain name and hosting


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