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How To Build Online Success 2.1


To be able to do what I do at the level I do it at you need a website. Everything I do to facilitate my success consist of building value publishing it and sharing it with the select few who qualify. Inside of my website I have 2 primary tools of automation. The order of tools and service necessary to build online success is as follows:

  1. Website 
  2. Lead Capture & Sales Funnel Software 
  3. Email Autoresponder

Like children most people only eat the sweets and deserts while disregarding the nutrition. With building professionally online you have to do it all and commit to it or you're results will be little to none and very limited. And extremely inconsistent. The name of the game is getting attention and holding it. All while building the know, like, and trust factors. And credibility. Most people only want to focus on automation. When you're new struggling and failing you don't have that luxury. You must learn the basics and master them. You must acquire the skills and then come out of your comfort zone to execute them. 

Every profession under the sun have tools that aide in completing certain tasks timely and efficiently. In some situations without certain tools completing the job would be an impossibility. So if you want to be successful online you need digital professional, branding, marketing, and advertising tools that allow you to leverage the full capacity of the internet for the purpose of generating and driving traffic, converting them to leads. And eventually converting them into sales. To be successful you have to have your own brand and identity in order to standout. 

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How To Build Online Success 2.1


You are in competition with everyone. You're in competition for everything. This is why you must stand out and it is not an option if you are serious about your success online. Understand this you are in competition with me. Why? Because in order for a business to be successful. They must have a product or service to offer to the market place. To be successful at sales we have to put forth the exact same effort. This effort goes into marketing, advertising, and selling. This means we must all generate traffic, have the necessities in place to convert them to leads. And we must have the skills to convert them into sales. 

The biggest reasons why people fail when it comes to websites, sales funnels, and blogging is because people fail to learn how to drum up business for themselves for whatever reason. As long as you stay inside the safe boundaries of your comfort zone you will never make a strong enough impact to get the level of successful results that you want. You can't rely fully on 100% automation. When you're new struggling and failing automation is going to be absolutely impossible for you if you fail to learn the basics that come before automation. 

If you do not learn and produce results with the free simple and basic methods first there will be no way for you to ever advance. You won't get the traction or momentum that you need to attract. When people go to search for something they need to be able to find you. Online success is about finding people who are looking for you and them being able to find you when they go looking. Put in the work to make it easier to find you.


When it comes to online business to build a brand you need certain tools and certain services. Somethings are impossible without certain prerequisites. Example without a domain name and hosting you can't build an authentic authority website. And of course without a website you can't do anything else to establish a real brand or identity. Well there are companies out there like "CLICKFUNNELS" who in my opinion overcharge. $97/month for funnel capabilities = $1164/year just so affiliate marketers can earn a commission in my opinion that is a pathetic excuse of an affiliate program. Then you have companies out there like conversion pros, online sales pro, and countless others. And I have to include My Lead System Pro (MLSP). A lot of these companies do the same thing. Overpromise, overcharge, and underdeliver. Where as my software cost me lets say $70 one time and I own it forever and I can do everything that they can do without the monthly cost.  How much sense does it make to you?

  • Pay more and get the same


  • Pay more and get less

Developers and programmers have gotten lazy and greedy at the same time. It's a shame because I used to use instabuilder prior to using profit builder. Instabuilder screwed a lot of people over and that resulted in the growth in sales of clickfunnels. In our network we thoroughly do our homework. We always aim to cut unnecessary cost to keep our overhead as low as possible. 

People spend way more money than they should simply because they're too lazy to do research. Buying and using 3rd party is going to be a devastating disaster. Because instead of learning the skills you're trying to bypass by buying shortcuts that don't exist. GET THIS RIGHT OR FAIL MISERABLY.

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