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How To Build Online Success 2.2


People want to automate. And many claim they are earning money on autopilot. Yet they lack the only tool that exists to render that capability. Because without a lead capture system. And autoresponder in place to redirect and automatically follow up. That is just impossible. 

Some people have the nerve to say they are fully automated having only a social media profile. And no website in place to even make automation close to possible.

There are a lot of fake gurus, and fraudulent people that steal content and photo shop to deceive people. If you're really having success you shouldn't have a problem with being audited. And you certainly shouldn't have a problem with someone inspecting your results. After all there is a right and wrong way to do things. It's one thing to say something. And its something else to provide an overwhelming amount of proof and evidence to back up your claims. Honesty, Integrity and transparency should be demanded of all those who claim to be something online. Especially if they claim to be a six figure earner. Or better yet if the claim to be a multiple six figure earner.

I am not against courses. In the home based business industry 99.9% of nearly all the courses you can buy are trash. The reason why they are trash is because the courses are usually created by someone other than the person selling them. This is a very unfortunate thing which is why at this time I don't currently create courses. My competition are lazy and greedy because they know they can charge a hefty price for their courses; rake in a lot of dough; and can easily justify why no one has any success all without being accountable!

How To Build Online Success 2.2


I have created a full-fledged professional training platform. The premium content I provide that is responsible for your empowerment is contained and protected behind a membership website. It's known as the client's area. 

My first objective: is to educate you. And then point you in the right direction. Because I do not want you to waste your valuable time and hard earned money on anything that makes no logical sense whatsoever. However if you want to attempt to hire another coach or go in a different direction at least let me be able sleep at night by using this information to guide you. I will always talk about my competition and at times I will call them out by name. In most cases I will call out their behavior. All depends. Most of my competition and even the majority of my friends that are my competition are driven by greed and laziness. I will always out work all my competition that creates courses. And all my competition that uses group coaching on social media ( especially FACEBOOK groups).

I enjoy and have fun with what I do. And I take what I do very serious. Unfortunately my competition only pretends to care about YOU. Everything shows in the work I do vs the work they do. The truth is if you want to have astronomical success that last a life time then you must put in the level of work that will yield that level of success. Automation should be the absolute last thing you should be concerned about especially if you're new, struggling and failing. Learn how to manually create results first. And then learn how to leverage your time through semi-automation. You're dealing with real people. Learn how to connect with them. 

How To Build Online Success 2.2YOU CAN'T AUTOMATE EVERYTHING

People fail in online business because of the abuse of automation. Automation will get you in trouble and cost you more time and money then you will ever be able to recover if you don't learn the skills behind it. Not having time is not a responsible excuse for seeking automation. To earn commissions. And to earn money requires more skills then creating automated sales funnels. Selling cheap and lousy courses is a weak and pathetic approach to building an income. In 2021 "Affiliate Marketing" is trash and what made it stand out years ago is not what it is today. True successful affiliate marketing use to be about creating a website seoing the crap out of it and raking in 6 figure days, weeks and months. You didn't have to build relationships it wasn't necessary and certainly wasn't required. Now affiliate marketing is taking the network marketing approach which has no place. Entrepreneurship is what it is. Cpa marketing is what it is. So on and so forth. Affiliate marketing does not properly fit in with multi level marketing and network marketing. The concepts that made each method contradict each other.

Mixing network marketing with affiliate marketing has cause problems since 2011. It still causes problems today. I noticed that affiliate marketers are willing to pay higher prices for the same services I use just so they can earn a residual commission. I don't agree with that and will always frown on that. In this industry there is always going to be a fight. I will always fight against that which makes no logical sense. There is a lot of stupidity behind the evil in the world today. I have a 0 tolerance for it. 

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