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How To Build Online Success 2.3


Video marketing is saturated. And just because that is true does not change the fact that it is the most powerful and effective way to market, sell and build business online. If you want to build online success then you must learn how to create powerful impactful content that goes beyond the use of text and still images. This is why you need more than just social media. And this is why you need to do more than to rely on photo shopped images. Because attempting to make others believe you are earning money is going to lose its effect. Because more and more people are going to start taking a more serious approach to building online success.  

Not one person starts off good at content creation. And not one person starts off good or being the best at what they do. It required constant learning, constant growth. And constantly stepping outside of the boundaries of the comfort zone. Those who earned their success honestly did so because they were willing to do what the majority is simply not willing to do and that is face the fears of unknown territory. To compete online in 2021 you're going to have to do more than social media. You will need to do more than post thoughtless regurgitated stuff just to get thoughtless regurgitators to like and comment on your posts. 

Social media engagement has no value in 2021. Because 99.9% of all of the engagement pretty much anywhere on the internet is fake engagement. 98% of what people post never lines up with the actual life or business of the person posting. When it comes to success, earning money online by making sales there are no secrets. There is a real process to follow. 

How To Build Online Success 2.3


Social proof doesn't mean anything. Screenshots of so called commissions, flashing cash and flaunting the lifestyle doesn't mean anything if there is no real process behind it that makes logical sense. Success demands hard work, consistency and commitment. If people entice making you believe that success is easy. When they make you believe that you don't have to put in any time to making it. They are lying to you. There are no shortcuts to success. When it comes to creating content stealing images from google or even creating graphics in canva and posting positive, motivation, and inspiring things to get engagement on social media is not going to be enough to make you successful. Attraction marketing is not where you should be focused on at all. Attraction marketing is something that comes to you after you paid your dues in laying the ground work to your success. Starting there is only going to lead you down the wrong path of frustration. 

If you don't learn how to create value driven content that has real substance you're going to get left behind. There are 2 component actions to creating powerful content:

  1. Preparation
  2. Creation

You need to be organized and have a plan. What you do with your time especially if you waste it will greatly impact the level of your struggle, failure and frustration. Time is not on your side. You need tools to prepare the content & tools to deliver the content. Each require skill to execute. My competition does not teach these skills because of the extreme difficulty behind creating that content. To create the best content possible you must learn to be come the best writer possible. The best professional writing tool online right now is MICROSOFT ONE NOTE hands down!How To Build Online Success 2.3


In note one I plan, organize and write all of my content there. I am a full fledged professional internet marketer so I use every method available to me. I write all of my video and live content there. When I am ready to crate a video. I paste my scripts into screen-cast-o-matic. I have used this service for years and they are the reason why my content has greatly improved. And I still have my old content you will clearly be able to tell the difference. When it comes to my video editing I use something like movavi screencast does not make the cut when it comes to professional editing. 

When it comes to graphics, slides or power points I use canva. There are only 2 other tools left that you might need to create content. And they are as follows:


Now that you know you have no excuse. People like to call partnering with a business opportunity "investing in yourself" and the only thing you paid for were liabilities. When you buy things to enhance the quality of the value you bring that is a true investment. Why because when you buy things that you can actually use to create a profit that is called an asset. If you spent money and you don't own your own distinctive brand then you didn't make an investment. Don't be fooled. I always say this and will. Whoever drops the hammer of value down the hardest wins. A powerful video that invokes, positivity, motivation and inspiration will always be more powerful and effective than a text post with graphics that doesn't move or say anything.

Don't be lame work extremely hard. 



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