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How To Build Online Success 3.0


When you want to be successful you will focus on making personal connections. And building relationships. Because it is way too common for people to put all their energy and focus into automation. This happens to the point where people rely on funnels, mass marketing, auto bots, and autoresponders. Even thought communication and follow up are very important. You don't want to fail to treat other human beings as such. True success built correctly is 100% dependent upon the relationships you build and maintain. Unfortunately companies like empower network, my lead system pro sell people on the idea of attraction marketing. And they also sell people on the idea of having people come to you. Success does not start that way and certainly not built that way. 

When you want to earn a lot of money without talking to people and building relationships you do CPA Marketing or Affiliate marketing. Not when it comes to Network Marketing. There are two types of people in our industry. 

  1. Greedy Dollar Driven (nothing like me) 
  2. Value Driven (all me) 

When it comes to communication the human element should always be there and present to the best of the ability to do so. This means pick up the phone, get on a video conference such as "ZOOM" there is also skype, google hangouts and many other options that exist. If you're always talking or attempting to do business through texting, instant messaging or some type of typing chat system there is a lot that you're losing and a lot that you're missing out on. It is a whole lot easier to catch someone lying when you can hear the struggle or the hesitation when you're talking to them in person. Download Zoom connect with me there.

How To Build Online Success 3.0


If you're able to produce massive results on very little effort that is great. So you want to do one post, send one email and create six figures off just one video. Or just one funnel. Those are great goals to aspire to but that is not where your success is going to start. I'm sure you have heard "slow and steady wins the race". Well in our industry everyone wants to start with the advanced stuff and put money and time into that. And by doing that they evade and fail to learn the basics. When people have massive failure with the things that appear to be advance for them the basics end up crushing them. Because they actually have to work and the work required to create success is not easy to learn nor easy to do.

They sought after the dessert and spoiled the main course with hype, nonsense and deception. Other people have the money you seek to earn. You don't have to lie, cheat, steal, trick or manipulate it out of them. You don't have to fake it until you make it. Or create some false image to be successful. What you do need to do in order to win is learn the proper skills and rely on them. The most honest way to be successful is to learn, grow, and execute what you learn. You're not going to be good starting off. Now one is. I sure wasn't. It takes time and practice. With my education & training I can reduce your learning curve because I've made enough mistakes for the both of us. 

I can help you get around every frustrating pain point that I ever had to deal with or go through. "TRUST ME"...How To Build Online Success 3.0


All success is 100% dependent upon what other people choose to do or choose not to do. The real question is! Do you have enough influence to make things happen in your favor? Everything that you choose to do and choose not to do is going to greatly impact the level or the rate at which success comes to you. It's just not going to fall in your lap. If you don't have the impact or influence factors working in your favor you have to ask yourself why? Face it if you're not willing to come out of your comfort zone then you're not willing to be successful. I've personally never had any success inside the safety net boundaries of my comfort zone. 

99.9% of my success is because of personal connections. 100% of my ability to retain, sustain and maintain the successes I've had was because of personal relationships. I don't look at other people, treat them or see them as dollar signs. I rarely have to ask for the sale. And rarely have to actually close someone. I build the value so high that is all they can perceive is a high price tag. The most value that you can give to those in your market is a personal relationship. Taking personal interest. That is the best and most honest way to build a business or income. On 100% honesty. 

If you don't have any skills then you have no credibility. Social media marketing (spamming) of positive, motivation, uplifting and inspiration is not a skill. Patience is a skill. Communication value properly is a skill. Overcoming hesitations and objections is a skill. Active listening is a skill. Creating thoughtful content is a skill. Step up and deliver real value based on real substance today. 

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