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How To Build Online Success 3.1


My daily action plan used to take me 8 to 10 to about 12 hours per day. I used to spend hours online and earning very little to no money for my time. Today my daily action plan takes about  1 - 2 hours. Why? Because I have learned how to do a lot of different things. Content creation is he only task in my action plan that takes the longest. If I am doing a series it can take much longer depending on the nature of the topic. With all of the tools, services and resources that I have. Content creation is done at an even faster rate than before. 

I can max out my action plan in an hour and a half. Distractions and getting side track online is easy to do which is why you must learn to master discipline. You must seriously regulate how much time you spend online. Stay away from social media as much as you possibly can. Because if you don't hours can have gone by and your production level will drop significantly. My daily action plan is simple. I only create content when I have the motivation and inspiration. When I lack and don't have it I do other things. But here is my daily action plan in order. 

  1. Content Creation 
  2. Drip Content 
  3. Prospect 
  4. Follow Up

When I produce results from the little bit of traffic and leads I sort through them. Which is why I run a small friend list on a few social media platforms. This is another reason I run a private profile. I do my best to refrain from using mass marketing. I would love to reach the masses but I am only one man seeking to impact as many people as humanly possible. 

How To Build Online Success 3.1


The difference between those who accomplish success vs those who don't is simple. One does it while the others think about it by talking about it rather than getting to work. Everything I know how to do when it comes to everything I do is a different skill set. It's a combination of different task that yield different types of results. The basics of creating successful results comes down to how many personal connections I can make and impact at a time. Content creation demands creativity. This means I am always constantly learning from everything I see and hear. And from everyone from everywhere. 50 to 100 leads per day is a waste and it's overkill.

I will create unlimited content and have had a significant amount of it prepared before I started getting serious about marketing and aggressively promoting my brand. It took me a while to get to this point. But I have finally arrived to a place where I can go beyond just "internet" and "network marketing" content related directly to the home based business. This is one of my last articles before I venture off into other things. Before I moved on I want people to be pointed in the right direction. 

Creating content is therapy for me in many different ways. It has become a passion of mine. When I would get so far behind I would be so weighted down. And when I had a big series I dreaded getting to work on it. That was due to the amount of preparation I had to do. Some of the problems and obstacles that got in my way concerning content creation has been eliminated when I discovered a feature one of the tools I've been using for years had.

How To Build Online Success 3.1


To experience results you have to do something. To have consistent results you have to consistently do something. The same way you produce the first result is the same way you produce the second, third and so on. Success is really simple. It just not easy. It's not easy because not any one person starts of knowing what to do and how to go about creating it. We are creatures that have to be taught and we learn by repetition. The way to create success in every profession is the exact same process. The failure rate is so high in our industry for 2 primary reasons. 

  1.  You have a lot of blind people leading blind people.
  2. You have a lot of people who believe you can be successful without work and without having any real skill. 

People claim they read but they won't read. I blog instead of writing books. Some people say you need to write books if you want to be successful. I blog. All my articles are exactly 900 words with the exception of a few. The average book has 90,000 words. One of my blog post contains more information than books written from our industry in video and text which is 100 times less than the amount of a book. It doesn't make that much sense to write books. I don't care what they say. Books do have their place. My content is a blue print. They say success leaves clues. The only place I believe you can find clues is a blog. Sincere people with pure motives such as my self pride ourselves in helping people.

The content on my blog is 100% free. And its all 100% no nonsense. Information based on experience, logic, and common sense. Saving you time and money while providing you guidance.

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