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Multi Level Marketing Identified


Multi Level Marketing is not the same thing as Network Marketing. I put the two together because Network Marketing is and can be applied anywhere. Without networking innovation and collaboration would be extremely limited. And successful breakthroughs would be nearly impossible. If you really want to create time and financial freedom from a logical perspective. And succeed without all of the ridiculous headaches that come with the territory. I recommend staying away from mlm all together. 

This is a legal option which is why it's being covered. The home based business industry would no exist if it had not been for a health and wellness multi level marketing company or business opportunity. If you're going to participate in mlm there are several things to consider. Watch out for industry, market, product and service limitations. If there is only 1 then that puts you in the field of convincing and twisting people's arm. You have to work harder than you should to make it a success.

Another thing to watch out for is the hype, the nonsense, and deception. And the smoke screens they use as gimmicks. Always be on the lookout for the bottom line. Do not be impressed by the multiple ways that you get paid. If it's not your regular and if it's not consistent pay then it really is not worth discussing. Remember your objective is to create time and financial freedom. And if you do then you're not going to want to jump through a bunch of ridiculous hoops to qualify to earn more money. Bonuses mean nothing if you don't get to continue to keep them. There is nothing exciting about a one time pay out. 



Imagine your job paying you by the hour. And in order for you to get your check you have to stand on your head for five minutes. What would you think? And what would you do? You had to do something odd in order to get paid for work that you've already done. How much logical sense does that really make? About as much sense as an unfair multi level marketing compensation plan. Creating time and financial freedom is about this. Having the time to do what you want when you want with whom you want. And not having to worry about having the money to do it. 

People look at the pinnacle point of a compensation plan and they get excited and even have the audacity to say this is the most powerful compensation plan in the history of the industry. If you can do simple basic mathematics and you understand how compensation plans work all multi level marketing compensation plans are built with the exact same intention and the exact same concept. It doesn't matter what the compensation plan is either. 

The truth is there are not that many different compensation plan types. Some compensation plans have advantages but the concepts are still the same. Multi level marketing has proven to be specifically designed built on 100% greed. They are not designed with honesty and integrity. Mlms are built with malicious intentions to manipulate and deceive people. They pay out in the beginning after you and your team generate the company a substantial amount of money. The more work you and your team do means the more money that you generate the company. Because the more production you have the more money you generate. And your reward is getting paid less money.



The home based business industry was not designed for average or below average people. The proof is simple as always that near 100% failure rate. And it all shows because the companies never provide solid, realistic or proven training. They always seek to use motivation and inspiration as a way of controlling people instead of education and training. The only people who have success are above average people. It's design creates the chaos that started spiraling out of control years and years ago long before I was ever born. 

I believe that there is a solution for every problem that exist. And that people can design things without intentional flaws. Multi level marketing CEOs and compensation plan designers count on your ignorance of compensation plans which motivates them to continue creating plans that require so many people in order to make it work. The main issues with compensation plans. 

  1. Weekly or monthly flushing - this causes you to race against the clock to recruit to qualify to earn.
  2. No flushing - this causes all of the volume to float up with no cap or limitation why would anyone at the top of your organization help you if they don't have an incentive?
  3. 3 leg or more compensation plans - the average person can only build 2.4 lines of distribution. Backed by mathematical studies and science. 

By the time you get one or more legs built the other(s) falls apart. The compensation plan designers know this. What is sad is they have known it for years and still continue creating unfair opportunities. They are counting on momentum trains for 90 days to 6 months to rake in all of that money that people don't qualify for. And they don't have to pay it out because it's breakage. People fall for it! 

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