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If you're taking the time out to review this outline of the service I offer let me make it real simple for you. It doesn't matter what you do in this business it's hard work and nothing is handed to you nor does success come easy. This coaching program is specifically designed for serious people who want results. This coaching program does apply to every genre of business that exists in the entire home based business that has anything to do with selling, recruiting earning a profit, earning a commission building a business, income or organization.. 

There are only 7 genres of business in the home based business industry and if you're in any one of these and you're struggling or failing to get results in your business then you certainly need to consider this coaching program. 

  1. Health & Wellness - # 1 in revenue generation 
  2. Education, Training & Coaching (traffic generation, lead generation & sales conversions) # 2 in revenue generation.
  3. Financial Services # 3 in revenue generation
  4. Travel Services # 4 in revenue generation 
  5. eCommerce # 5 in revenue generation 
  6. Trading # 6 in revenue generation 
  7. Currency # 7 in revenue generation 

There are only 4 legitimate ways to achieve success in any genre of business that exists in our industry

  1. Entrepreneurship - you pave your own road to success by working with your own hands. 
  2. Affiliate Marketing - earn money by promoting products & services created by other people. 
  3. CPA Marketing - earn through incentive based programs by leveraging relationships established with fortune 500 companies. 
  4. Multi Level Or Network Marketing - earn money by leveraging the efforts of others. 

There are 4 things that we much learn & master to give ourselves the maximum chance at creating success. 

  1. Strong & Effective Communication Skills 
  2. Ability To Create An Unlimited Consistent Amount Of Content 
  3. Strong Ability To Influence 
  4. Strong Ability To Impact

Learning these skills takes more time then it does to actually do the work it takes to produce profitable results. Most people who struggle and fail often use the excuse that they don't have the time to learn how to build a business properly. What tends to happen is they resort to copy & paste spamming in hopes that will earn them money. Most people don't seem to understand the difference between those who consistently build their income with smaller efforts vs those who expend an excessive amount of effort and get little to no results. 


This Coaching Program Is For You If You Meet The Conditions Below!

  • Not getting the support you need
  • Not getting the right information
  • Not getting the right education or training 
  • Unable to produce results after trying for 90 days or longer 
  • Do not have your own personal authentic tools 
  • Lack resources 
  • Want to learn how to build a business or income the right & cost effective way
  • Not sure who to trust or who to follow
  • Tired of hype, nonsense & deception
  • Needing a fresh new start
  • Want to produce strong results that last
  • Want traffic
  • Want leads
  • Want sales
  • Want to learn how to grow a business 
  • Want to learn how to sustain a business
  • Want to learn how to get around online saturation 

Coaching Program

Professional Internet & Network Marketing 

Professional Internet Marketing = The use of digital professional branding, marketing & advertising tools to leverage the full power of the entire internet. 

Professional Network Marketing = creating & maintaining success through the dynamic power of relationship building. 

Internet Marketing

Late 1980's - Early 1990's

Professional Internet Marketing Requires Professional Tools 

Branding - requires a domain name, hosting, & a website/blog. 

Marketing - requires a lead capture system, sales funnel system & autoresponder. 

Advertising - requires multiple web presences that all lead back to your primary source of branding.


3 Hours - 50 Minutes Of Total Training Time

This Is The Fastes And Most Efficient Training Online! 

One On One Coaching

Accountability Based Program

When you join my coaching program I do not open my entire training library up to any client for any reason. My training is set up in a specific order of priority. If you don't complete the training you have access to you don't move forward. You do have to show your work. Once you have completed all the tasks from phase first module in phase 1 to the last module in the sprint training you become officially qualified for your first one on one coaching session. A few things happen in that first session. 

  1. We inspect your entire website 
  2. We make sure that your lead capture & sales funnel is 100% and working. 
  3. We make a check list of things that need to be done before the next coaching session. 

All coachin sessions & support is provided on ZOOM. 

After the first coaching session the marathon training is opened up which has the long haul training. In that training you're going to be exposed to the other aspects of business that you need to know about. 

Weekly Live Coaching Events

Private Network Of Professional Coaches

When it comes to the coaching program there are a lot of training modules involved around 90 to be exact that covers a massive amount territory on the subject of professional internet and network marketing. Once you learn the skills, tasks and behaviors that yield the results to grow a business or income you have to learn practical business concepts that will allow you to sustain your growth. 

It's important for you to understand that business can slow or decline and your ability to sustain and maintain what you have is equally as important and in some cases more important than growing or gaining new business. 

It's important that you always remember the same way that you gained the business is the same way that you're going to keep or sustain the business. 

There has to be a constant consistent,  and unlimited solid flow of education, training, motivation, inspiration, support & guidance to sustain. That is tough to do alone. That is why we have a private network of professional coaches who come together every week with fresh new content that invokes practical business concepts and principles. These are live webinars that we put on for the sole purpose of providing business education. We do not use these webinars to try to sell or upsell. 

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