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Number 2 in revenue generation.


9.9 times out of 10 people become emotionally excited. Because they see or hear something that promises time or financial freedom. And when they start they don't know what to do or where to start. The majority usually start with things that look good to the eyes and sounds good to the ears. Without reasoning and sound logic they make decisions that are extremely irrational and immature in nature. People want success quick fast and in a hurry. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with having that kind of desire. However not 1 human being is born fully equipped to be successful at life in general or business. This is why we have to learn. The way we learn is a process that is taught in a specific order of priority. And that is the way I create and deliver my content. 

There are no shortcuts to success. No matter how much money that you spend on anything that claims to enhance the rate of speed at which you can accomplish success. You can throw as much money as you want. Success calls for skills. This requires you to learn. Every profession that exist has a learning curve. You can't by pass the basics, And you can't bypass the fundamentals. You must apply yourself honestly. If you don't and you don't quit you're going to resort to manipulating and scamming people out of their money. How do I know? Because that is what people do. 

I've been in the industry for 24 years. I've been online for more than 10 years. I have watched people flip flop, change and switch. If they "appear" to be successful they are not with the original thing that made them successful. There are a lot of things contributing to the nonsense. 


People not understanding how legal businesses work and function is a big contributing factor of why so many people make stupid and reckless decisions in this industry. Because people do not understand business infrastructure they can't tell if it's legal or not. Too many believe what people say without verifying the credibility. It's evident in the way people behave on social media that the proper education, and training is not going forth. If it is people are too lazy, anxious, and desperate to stop listen and learn. Or they lack the capability of being able to critically think for themselves.

When you make a decision on what you're going to build an income with you're going to do one of these or another and possibly a combination of both.

1. If you're pitched a 3rd party automated system you're going to buy it. (traffic leads and sales) 

2. If you're pitched a 3rd party 3rd party training platform you're going to buy it. (education training and coaching) 

3. Chances are if you're pitched a 3rd party all in one tool suite/system you're going to buy it. (traffic leads and sales)

There is only a small few options you have to get your business moving. You're going to either A choose the option that sounds easy ( cheap or free). And B you're going to overpay for something that underdelivers. Which will not come with any real solid training or support. 

Trends are trends, behaviors are behaviors. They're all connected. 



100% Of the people who fail at anything in life fail because of 2 primary reasons. First is lack of education. People have no clue what they are getting into before they get into it. Second is most are simply not ready. 

Being educated means that you know what you want and how to get there. You have an understanding of everything good, bad, ugly. You're aware of all the pros, cons, challenges and rewards. All of the risks assessed. When you make the decision to act it won't be regretted. You connect with and surround yourself with or by people who are already in.

Being prepared means that you know what it takes and what is needed in order to make your efforts a success instead of a failure. You acquire tools and other assets that are necessary in helping you to execute income producing tasks. 


When you make a decision on what you're going to do to generate revenue it's no longer about you anymore. The money you seek to earn is going to come from matching potential customers to what you have to offer. Before someone can buy from or support you income they have to know that you exist. You're going to need TRAFFIC.

Offline traffic is as simple as someone walking into a store or warehouse that has what the individual is looking for.

Online traffic is as simple as someone visiting a website they found that might have what the individual is looking for.

Offline traffic requires having a business in the physical world. Online traffic requires having a business in the digital world. The concepts and practices of business are the same for both on and offline. If you're a serious business owner you should want full control over the traffic you generate. If you can't generate traffic LEADS will be in possible. Without a website traffic is impossible.

Offline leads are as simple as someone who makes the choice to shop or buy from a specific place.

Online leads are as simple as someone who make the choice to only receive information from a specific website or entity. 

Capturing leads both on or offline require lead generation tools that provide the ability to follow up. Offline leads could be as simple as application, a phone with an answering machine or voice mail service. Online leads a simple landing page or capture page. If you're not generating leads SALES are impossible. 


100% of all money comes from successful sales. You need tools, resources and training. Specifically on marketing and selling. This includes branding and identity among many other things. This takes time to learn and to execute properly to produce results. Avoid anything that tells you can have life changing success without any experience, skills, websites, products and etc. that is just not reality. Because gurus know you need this information they prey on what you don't know. Instead of guiding and pointing you into the right direction they're quick to sell you something and more than likely you don't need it. It's probably not even relevant to what you're doing or looking for. Most likely it's a distraction to keep you from getting where you really want to go. 

You can't create long term success on just guessing and luck. There is a lot to learn but less to do when it comes to creating and sustaining success. The best place to start is with things that take the most time and that are the hardest to do get those out of the way first. You will need a leader, mentor, coach and a guide. Unfortunately our industry is saturated with a lot of fakes, and frauds who are overpriced and they don't deliver anything in terms of value and substance. That reason alone is why I offer a lot of free education and in some cases free training. My coaching program always delivers far more in value than what you would ever pay. 

If you have a product, service, or business that you want to accomplish success with online, if you want to learn how to generate traffic, leads and sales, by getting your hands on the tools, training and resources at affordable prices then take a look


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