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To Brand Online You Need A Website.


I have argued and debated with an endless number of people on the subject of branding. I have made strong cases against using or relying on 3rd party services, platforms and "done for you". If you don't have a distinguished Identity that is exclusive to you or your business then you're not branded. Branding is more than just a self proclamation of your worth. There is a saying that is widely used which is simply "KNOW YOUR WORTH" as a human being there is no price tag that you can put on a life. Once the life is gone it never comes back. When it comes to business and branding yourself professionally the right way. And when it comes to the amount of money you're capable of earning it comes down to what you bring in terms of value to the market place. 

You having your own website is only a direct reflection of how serious you are about creating online success. Granted there are social media profiles and classified advertising sites. If you're working online it only make sense to have 100% pure control of your online success. You also need the capabilities to render certain functions that helps facilitate your results. With social media you're competing with every distraction whether free or paid that gets slammed into your newsfeed with or without your permission. 

Free branding comes with a lot of limitations & restrictions. It generally comes with a lot of advertising that either conflict or compete with you directly or indirectly. It takes content to create success and content to sustain it. If you're not a content creator that forces you to have to rely on others.

To brand online you need a website.


Creative control and flexibility is necessary when when you need to raise awareness or bring attention to your brand. When it comes to building the know like and trust factors people need to know who you are. Having your own platform "personal branded website" gives people a fun, simple and exciting way to allow the chance to establish that especially if you're not physically online.  Creating relevant content that people are looking for gives you increased visibility. People should be able to find you first for whatever reason. Social media doesn't have the reach like some people think it does. WHY? Because you don't have control over what you see nor do you have control over what others see. You might think you do. If you think you have control then ask yourself why do total strangers pop up in your newsfeed? 

Why are you seeing ads or information that you didn't request or have absolutely no interest in. Why do you have good engagement for a period of time and then all of a sudden it drops or falls off? You didn't change anything! So there was an update or change to the algorithm. No big tech wants to copy and steal from anything that is considered competition. If they can create a a product or service similar to yours then they can take your money not show your ads and show whatever they want other people to see and you would never know it. Why? Because you can't see the scripts the write or the bots they create with their elite skillset of being able to code. 

When you rely on social media you can't see anything beyond what is visible to you on the profile. You need a Website! 

To brand online you need a website.


Power to impact others through the dynamic freedom of content creation. You control what you show and share with others. If you learn how to build value and put it out in the form of strong content that gets attention and holds it gives you the ability to influence quality people to follow you, if they are a true follower then they will support you income. But there has to be a full clear path and understanding of what your personal brand offers. If there is any clutter, confusion or uncertainty. One thing is for certain they will not make that decision to buy your product, subscribe to your service or support you income. 

This is why success demands that you are always constantly learning. And that you're always constantly growing. Dominate your competition by seeing what they do, use how they operate and improve on it then beat them at their own game. Learn and follow someone who leads by example and does this on a consistent basis. Which brings me to my next point. 

When you learn the raw skills and produce results by executing a real skillset those results will give you the authority that comes from applying the principles. This is where confidence is born that creates the motivation and inspiration to honestly move forward with even greater success.

All financial success comes from creating a quality product, service or solution to the market place. You're at the mercy of the level of understanding of the buyer. If there is a hesitation that means you didn't communicate properly. If they have questions or objections that make the prospect seem skeptical that is because they don't trust you.

Your results reflect the strength of your brand. Reinforce your income producing activities and stay focused!



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