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Before 2020 true success called for and in some cases demanded travel. The internet provides digital capabilities to allow people to connect face to face through video conferencing. Nothing will ever replace the human element there is nothing like collaborating in the presence of other people. When it comes to the home based business industry everything under the sun has been done. Because of the fact that everyone loves the concepts of network marketing and the idea of being able to do something right once and get paid for it over again is a highly sought out option. 

People like the idea of leveraging the efforts of other people. The truth is if you're going to partner with something or someone you should get at least 50% of the profits and nothing less as long as the work is being split and depending on equal contributions. Unfortunately greedy dollar driven people always seek to create and mlm compensation to run certain business and income opportunities that clearly do not belong in the multi level or network marketing space. Travel services in the home based business industry don't fit. They never did. 

We have no clue what is going to happen next. Nobody but the elites saw COVID-19 coming. It has destroyed small businesses. Entrepreneurs beware it's only a matter of time before they target us to destroy what is left of the free enterprise system that is driven by capitalism. Affiliate marketing is absolutely 100000% fair when it comes to travel but when it comes to mlm it has no place just click here in order for business to make it it has to stay ahead of the trends. The companies who were once leaders in their respective industries didn't stay ahead of the trends and they didn't move when the markets shifted that is why reputable companies are no longer around.



If travel doesn't become extinct or if it bounces back full swing. In my opinion I don't believe it will. And if top extreme leftist, socialist, and communistic agendas have their way say good bye to freedom. We will lose the abilities to innovate our way out of poverty. However if travel does come back there will never be a place for it in the mlm industry. The awesome thing is my lifestyle business opportunity offers travel. As stated previously I have access to all multi billion dollar markets. The meaning of lifestyle is simple. Whatever you're into I have it. Whatever I am into I have it. I get paid to buy, use and consume it. I get paid for everything that my dollar touches. Nothing in the home based business industry offers that. 




If you had the money & time to go anywhere in the world where would you go? Why do you want to go there? Who would you go there with? How long would you stay?

Time and financial freedom is the highest and most sought after lifestyles of all lifestyles. Vacation is a common discussion in and outside of the home based business industry. 

I have done some traveling in my lifetime but less than the average person. We've attended business events in the early 90's in Lexington, KY, and Nashville, TN. I have also attended religious events such as North American Youth Congress in 2001 in Atlanta,  GA as well as 2003 in Nashville, TN. Our method of travel was by van. We stayed in hotels of course. It was a blast and the events were life changing. 


I have never been outside of he united states before. I have flown on an airplane before but very few times. Been on the greyhound bus a few times. One of the things I love most about the bus is the coziness I get to catch up on a lot of sleep. When I was in the oil field I've driven all over the Midwest in addition to the places I've already mentioned. I have been to Terre Haute, IN, Little Rock, AR, McAlester, Savannah, Tulsa, Ponca City, Oklahoma City. Dallas, Fort Worth, To save time I've been to Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Missouri, Alabama. I'm sure I have forgotten some places. 


Just like with any business that exists only 3% or less succeed. The other 90 to 100% that fail all fail for the same reasons that many often do.

1. Not educated,

2. Not trained,

3. Lack of preparation,

4. No discipline

5. No example to follow or go off of

This often results in one not knowing what to do or where to start when it comes to generating and sustaining business. Not having the right training, support and proper tools can make it difficult for anyone to drum up new business. Market clutter is another issues especially with companies and agencies outside of the home based business industry. For a new, struggling and failing marketer with no experience you're going to have a rough time getting in front of the people you want to support your income. That is why I don't recommend starting or adding travel as a primary business.

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