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Welcome To The Home Based Business Industry


The home based business industry has an endless and limitless amount of options. There is a never ending trail of possibilities that you can tap into. The internet is a massive ocean of information. Knowing what is right, where to start and what to do can be a frustrating and difficult task. The reason I provide unlimited free education to help point you in the right direction. To keep you from wasting your valuable time and hard earned money. If you know more about this industry you will learn of the good, the bad, the ugly, the pros, the cons, the challenges and rewards. 

The truth is you only know what's available to you as a new person if someone publishes the content to provides the specific education. All of this should be based on what you might be looking for. You have to ask yourself a few questions. What are you looking for and why are you looking for it? 

1. Are you wanting extra money to supplement your existing income?

2. Do you want work part-time?

3. Are you wanting to create a life changing income?

4. Do you want to work or do it full time?

You're going to have to become educated about the options that are available to you. Everyone is introduced to everything by other people. We call those people companies, business, opportunities, or sponsors. Often times referred as a leader or your leader. 



The core of the success will come from relationships that are established, built and maintained. 

1. No matter what you do or what you participate in or with you're going to be selling a product or service digital or physical.

2. You will have the opportunity to recruit people and leverage the efforts of their successful sales efforts. 

Nothing in the home based business industry can generate revenue or pay you a commission if it's products or services don't sell. If you're earning money outside of selling products or services to customers and consumers it's probably an illegal operation. 

Now you're aware that selling is apart of creating success this is a skill that you must learn and master to get the ultimate results that you want. This is the most respectable way to earn money and build an income. The law prefers that you earn you money through the establishment of a base of customers who support your income. 

To be able to leverage the efforts of other individual's sales efforts they have to be able to do tasks that yield those results. The majority don't know what to do or where to start. Our industry has a nasty cycle of blind leading the blind. Even though this is the only industry that can truly set people timewise and financially it's the most difficult to succeed in for various different reasons. 

The ultimate solution is easier said than done. The first step is to keep it simple. The second is to use or follow a simple yet specific structure. It take discipline to become educated, discipline to become trained and discipline to do the work or carry out the task necessary to produce the successful results that you want. 

Accountability is a big problem adults have in this industry. 


This industry has 7 genres or business types or models. 4 Legit ways or approaches to building them. Internet & Network marketing are the 2 best approaches to creating success with anything you choose. Before you choose you need thorough education so that you can make the best possible choices available today. Why?

*Avoid the regret of wasted time and wasted money. Money you can get back but your time can never ever be retrieved. There are so many options under the scope of the 7 genres being mentioned. In the content to come I am going to be covering in full depth each genre to help you make an informed decision.* All genres are as follows: 

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Traffic, Leads, Education, Training and Coaching
  3. Financial Services
  4. Travel Services
  5. Ecommerce
  6. Trading
  7. Digital Currency

It doesn't matter which genre you choose success will only come from successful sales efforts that result in someone buying the product or services to consume as a customer. Or the successful recruit efforts that results in someone joining your opportunity. There are only 4 legal approaches. 4 Legitimates ways to earn money. Anything outside is illegal. I will be covering each way, method or approach in full depth as well. The 4 legal ways are as follows:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. CPA Marketing
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Multi Level and Network Marketing

Professional Internet Marketing is the approach to building any of these business online. Just as I introduce you to the industry and each genre and the legal approaches I will also be introducing you to internet marketing.


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  • Raynold
    June 10, 2019

    Hey Chris. I still have a day job, and it’s my goal to be working from the comfort of my home in the future. I was involved with so many MLM companies in the past, and I think it’s one of the best ways to achieve financial freedom.

    At the moment, I’m into affiliate marketing, and promote products using content marketing/SEO on my blog. I also use FB ads to get leads and email marketing to convert those leads into paying clients.

    Other than affiliate marketing, my long term goal for the future is to build a business around genre no. 2 in the list above. I wanted to help people how to build or promote a business using wordpress and online marketing.

    Thanks for sharing this, valuable content as usual. I look forward to watching and reading your next content.

    • christopher
      June 14, 2019

      I hope that you understand that the skills of mlm and network marketing is not necessarily the same as working an actual MLM I hope that you will clearly understand the difference between internet marketing and network marketing and how network marketing skills can help you in any business!

  • Angela Shepherd
    June 11, 2019

    This was very helpful information. I still consider myself to be a newbie. I look forward in learning new things to do my business online.

    • christopher
      June 14, 2019

      okay what part of the information was helpful to you?

  • June 13, 2019

    Helpful and educational to know these important things. What you are getting involved with is extremely important and should be carefully researched. We live in an information based world which we as business owners should know. Thank you once again for sharing your expertise on this important matter.

    • christopher
      June 14, 2019

      what specifically stood out to you?

  • Johnny Harvey
    June 16, 2019

    I like the relationship marketing the only issue i have is when do i call them to action its great to make friends but when there are 1000s of IBOs out there trying to sell their stuff to you ,, its really hard to start a relationship and do a call to action without sounding like a salesman

    • christopher
      June 16, 2019

      I approved this comment Johnny if you can see it’s from 2 different profiles the one that came through without approval was already approved a long time ago. Both your portraits are different. Going forward regardless of what profile you leave your comment from you won’t have to wait for approval again. Anyhow. To address your concern. You can’t take the same exact approach as all those other 1000 IBOS you gotta stand out from them you have to learn how to build value & communicate it. that takes time, education and training..

  • Johnny Harvey
    June 16, 2019

    ok im really not sure why my comments are not posting ,, but here it is again ,, i love relationship marketing but the issue i have is when do i tell them to call to action with 1000s of Ibos out there its hard to not sound like a salesperson

    • christopher
      June 16, 2019

      hey there @Johnny thanks for your comment sometimes I have to approve comments if the system suspects spam that is why nothing personal or against you …

      • christopher
        June 16, 2019

        those are good questions @johnny when do you do or apply the “Call To Action” You should always have a place to collect lead information and an automated process in place. After people request that information your call to action should be in your sales content that is if you’re using digital tools to accomplish that hope that makes sense!

  • elsaflowers
    June 16, 2019

    Great content! I totally agree with your statement “Nothing in the home based business industry can generate revenue or pay you a commission if it’s products or services don’t sell. ” In addition to being discipline! You have to plan, participate and persevere. The first start is deciding that this is truly what you want and Go for it! Christopher Wright offers an amazing training platform.

    Everyone needs training ! This is nothing new! As an infant you are trained every step of the way from crawling to walking to tying your shoes. To the various levels of schooling education and to your job before you decided to own your own business . There is no short cuts! Trust the process and invest in You!

  • June 29, 2019

    Thank you! I’m so grateful that the home based business Industry exists! Thank you for focusing on educating those already involved and those that are looking to get involved. Your content captivated my attention from the day I met you and your content, coaching and leadership continues to help me maintain focus on my goals

  • Khai
    July 2, 2019

    Great way to introduce us to the home-based industry. The takeaway I got from this is in order to succeed in this industry you need to have a strong foundation of values, principles, and standards. Know what you want out of this industry and get educated, trained, and skilled on that.

  • christopher
    August 31, 2019


  • September 6, 2019

    What stood out to me the most in this particular article. Is how much education is of extreme importance, however, before meeting and getting to know you. I was under the strong impression that you sign up for a company. Obtain access to your back office and start spamming your links everywhere. Now I know that education is the absolute key for success.

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