There has been a saying going around that “success leaves clues”. What do we consider to be the clues of success? Flashing cash, showing off cars and houses that communicate we own or live a luxurious lifestyle? Are commission notifications or commissions screenshots the clues of success on social media?

There is another saying going around that “documentation beats conversation”. I have grown disgusted with all forms of hype, nonsense and deception. We can have all the documentation in the world. We can have the money, cars, houses and all the toys that come with the lifestyle. But 1 thing that is missing in all of that is the specific process that was set in motion to make the possibility of success into a reality. 


Success is a process that consist of basic steps of specific task and behaviors that yield specific results. The success of what one person is capable of producing has absolutely nothing to do with you. Proof that someone is getting results is not enough. Just because someone is a top earner, top recruiter or even a top producer doesn’t make them any more qualified to work with than anyone else. 

I understand the importance of finding someone who has what you want and learning from them. The importance of seeking out the best for yourself when it comes to education and training. I understand that if you’re making $10,000/month and you want to go to $50,000/month you avoid the person or people that are doing $20,000 – $40,000 per month and only talk to those already doing $50,000/month or more. With our industry yielding a near 100% failure rate for the past 80 years it makes you wonder what are the problems why do the masses fail? 

Success is about communication. You have to learn how to communicate well enough to generate traffic, leads. You have to have strong enough skills to communicate well enough to close sales. Keeping what you sell is another way of continuing to exercise your ability to communicate. Education and training can only be passed on from a leader through effective communication.


It doesn’t matter what you can do and how well you can do it when it comes to producing massive results. The question is do you know how to communicate everything well enough to teach someone else how to do it? There are many in countless professions that can do certain things in certain ways that are so impressive and it’s all done of their own natural ability. Unfortunately they can’t explain it, and certainly if they can’t explain it they can’t teach it. This profession is no different. The majority of “top recruiters”. “top producers”, and “top earners”, might be able to perform well but their teams or followers are struggling because they did something or do something dishonest to entice all the people following them or supporting their income. 

Do you really want to create time freedom? You have to learn how to leverage your time. Do you really want to create financial freedom? You have to learn how to leverage your assets (resources). 

If you’re struggling, or failing you’re more than likely going to need to drop everything that you’re involved in and start over from the beginning with my coaching program. If you been in the industry 90 days or less or you’re just getting started you not so much. Anyone who has been in the home based business industry for 6 months or longer you’ve probably been damage by the industry if you’re not having success or getting results at all. 

An honest person with the work ethic and determination should be able to see results in this industry in 90 days or less. With the proper education, training, tools and the right example to follow. This should not be a problem at all. 



I want you to know that success is possible for you. It’s not that far out of your reach. One thing I have to advise you of is the fact that there is way more to learn about what to do and how to do it then there is to actually doing it. You’re just going to have to buckle down and focus on the things that matter the most. Understand that there are no shortcuts to success. Over the course of the updates to some I hope to show you a “SIMPLE PATH TO SUCCESS”.