Thanks for taking time to view this information. As promised I am going to provide you with unlimited educational information until I fall over dead or until the internet breaks whichever comes first. If you're in the home based business industry its for 2 reasons. I am going to keep it simple and educate you in a specific order of priority. 


1. You want time freedom!
2. You want financial freedom!

It's the most sought after lifestyle of all that exist. There is a lot to learn in fact more to learn than there is to do when it comes to achieving that lifestyle. Skills are necessary just like with any profession under the sun.

The first welcome is to become educated about the industry as a whole. Know your options and make informed decisions based of facts, simple science and mathematics. The second welcome is to make a decision and stick by the decisions you make regardless of what happens. Define your values and let them govern your goals, actions and behaviors. The third welcome is training. The home based business industry is centered around 2 primary things:

1. Selling

2. Recruiting 

In order for a business entity, company or individual to produce a profit he, she, or they must have a real product or a real service that has real value at fair market prices. Earning money will come from successful sales efforts. 

Some companies provide affiliate programs or business opportunity which allows you to leverage the efforts of other people who choose to participate by promoting the business to other people. Earning and leveraging money will come from successful recruiting efforts. 

They all involve other people in order to make them work.


Since people have the money that you're seeking to earn people skills are 1 of many skills that are absolutely necessary. Which rolls into other skills such as communication, marketing, selling, value building, funnel building etc. That is just to name a few. There are digital skills that are technical due to the fact that you're on the internet. Success marketing one and offline require the exact same thing the clear difference is if it's not digital then its physical. 

Every successful entity or people that exist today all started out in the same exact place and that is at ground 0. You have to build a brand and create an identity that does 2 primary things:

1. Raise Awareness

2. Build credibility.

Since it is a given that people buy from or do business with only those whom they know, like and trust then that means you must create or build the reasons for anyone to get to know you, like you, and trust you as a credible person. One of the biggest reasons that contribute to the industries' near 100% failure rate is too much competition. When the masses are struggling and failing in order to get yourself in to the 1 - 5 % of those actually having real success you must be willing to come out from among the masses and do what they are not willing to do. What people are willing to do vs what people are not willing to do is what creates the divide from the successful vs those who struggle and continue to fail. 

The comfort zone is the number one prevention of success



Passion and desire will make up for what you lack in skill and in understanding. It's one thing to say that you want to be successful it's another thing to actually do something to make that become a reality. The work that it actually takes to be successful is really easy when it comes to doing it. The most difficult part is learning. Which is why I will always say you must always be willing to constantly learn, and grow. 

Success is not about what you want to do. Success is not about what is convenient for you. It certainly isn't based on a feeling. The best thing that you can do when it comes to your success is leave your emotions out of it. People join businesses, and buy things from emotional decisions and that is why gurus have mastered the art of acting so they can capitalize on your vulnerabilities. If you know how to lie and manipulate people then you can take all kinds of short cuts that you want. You can only make good on that until you get caught. Eventually people catch on. 

If you get on MY SIMPLE PATH TO SUCCESS stay on it and prioritize my emails so that you don't miss anything. My content is coming in a specific order of priority that consist of full education that is going to help you better understand things in a way that you've never understood them before. Thing that you didn't know or were totally unaware of will be brought to light. If you're serious about not wasting your valuable time and your hard earned money make the adjustments you need to make and I am willing to help you make those adjustments if you want my help. I am no mind reader and I certainly don't know who you are or where you're at in terms of your profession. 


4 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. Tynesha Renee Reply

    I appreciate that warm welcome, and you’re absolutely right that this is definitely a people business. It’s unfortunate that if you don’t have people skills, among many other skills necessary for success. You’re going to have a tough time succeeding in this profession. In the beginning, I only wanted to earn some extra money. I had no idea that all the other components and skills were involved. Nobody told me anything before I made the decision to started in this line of work. Which explains a lot why myself and so many other people like me struggle and fail in this industry.

    • christopher Post authorReply

      Absolutely I didn’t have the same issues that most people struggle with. I came in the industry able to close sales, I was already a people person! I come in knowing how to talk to people. I came in with the skills, already educated, and trained.. I didn’t know how to put that out to the masses! I do now! The fakes and frauds day’s are numbered

  2. Donald Wardle Reply

    I appreciate your direct approach and comittment. I have failed or been involved with several opportunities that failed me. But I am not a victim . I am determined and driven to find THE solution that brings all of this together.

    • christopher Post authorReply

      Hey Donald that is my father’s name he goes by Mark! Thanks for your feedback it’s greatly appreciate it. Always understand that failure is not always your fault. If you were not given the right information and provided with the wrong expectations failure is inevitable. And yes if you’re and honest and sincere person you more than likely are a victim in someway shape or form. But the fact that you’re willing to look for the solutions and you didn’t give up says a lot about you! I hope that you get value from being in contact with me!


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