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There are a lot of people who love to talk about what others can do to build or create success. I've looked around to see if they are credible and often times they have not done anything to build it. People on social media love to post tips to make themselves seem like they're experts. Very few have any real credibility. I have yet to see people who talk a good game actually live up to the hype. I rarely see people actually leading by example. They don't have anything to show for the claims they make. The majority only have fake screenshots or photoshopped success. I wanted to bring you here in attempt to show you something real. To give you real value that took me 24 years to build. I've never been good with social media. 

The reason why I created this website with the information the way I did. Is because someone that wasn't doing this or living up to this standard told me I needed this in order for people to take me serious. So I spent a long time learning how. No matter how frustrating things got I took breaks but I never quit or gave up. I kept at it until I got it right. I demand perfection from myself. Am I perfect not by any means. I created this place to be a one stop shop source for your education, and I hope to be able to train you either through my primary business opportunity or through my training and coaching service. 


I do my dead level best to invoke as much motivation and inspiration possible into all of the content that I create. To make building the know like, and trust factors fun and exciting. You need to be educated so you can make sound and informed decisions. This will prevent you from wasting your valuable time and hard earned money on things that don't make any logical, ethical or moral sense. You need to know the good, the bad, the ugly, the pros, the cons, the challenges and rewards. 


With me everything starts with education. Truth is if you don't know me, like me or trust me as credible that is where the relationship stops. You certainly are not going to want to business with me. My lifestyle business opportunity is the easiest thing I have at my disposal where success can be created by the average and the below average. It has been around for nearly 30 years. And specializes in one to one marketing. The best kept secret. It is as simple as taking what you already do and converting it from an expense and turning it into earnings. 


A lot of people struggle with the two things required to make it in the home based business industry regardless if on or offline. People struggle with selling and they hate recruiting. It's a never ending cycle. I believe that all business models work. But it's the instability of the people that prevent them from working. Success is supposed to be as simple as showing a plan and everyone sticking to it but that is not the case here. 

My lifestyle business opportunity has eliminated all of the flaws that comes with the territory. By taking a different approach. The first approach was staying ahead of the trends. By doing so I have access to all of the multi - billion - dollar markets. So whatever people are looking for I have it. Takes me out of the field of having to sell anything to anyone convince or twist people's arms to buy my products. They took a different approach by not creating a multi level marketing business opportunity that is built on ranks and levels. By doing so it only takes a few people to make it work. This takes me out of the field of having to recruit. My opportunity offers so much value there is no way I could fit into this one article. 


Nothing is more frustrating then having a passion for something but instead of people helping they want to get in the way of that. You just want to know what to do to have success. You don't want to jump, hop and skip to something else. And you shouldn't because to create time and financial freedom means to create stability. There is no business opportunity worth being apart of if it doesn't allow both the creation of time and financial freedom at the same time. 

You want to produce the biggest financial results on the least possible effort. It takes time to learn how to be able to create the level of impact to produce those kinds of results. That is what I teach and train you in my coaching program. The question is are you willing to get uncomfortable, dig in deep and learn? Or are you going to follow the masses down the path of what they think is of least resistance. 

The level of success that we all desire doesn't come easy and it doesn't come cheap and I'm not talking about the cost associated with it either. I talking about in terms of building value and the amount of creativity that one needs to have. Plan to make a big and deep impact or failure will be inevitable.


  • August 19, 2020

    I appreciate that warm welcome, and you’re absolutely right that this is definitely a people business. It’s unfortunate that if you don’t have people skills, among many other skills necessary for success. You’re going to have a tough time succeeding in this profession. In the beginning, I only wanted to earn some extra money. I had no idea that all the other components and skills were involved. Nobody told me anything before I made the decision to started in this line of work. Which explains a lot why myself and so many other people like me struggle and fail in this industry.

    • christopher
      August 26, 2020

      Absolutely I didn’t have the same issues that most people struggle with. I came in the industry able to close sales, I was already a people person! I come in knowing how to talk to people. I came in with the skills, already educated, and trained.. I didn’t know how to put that out to the masses! I do now! The fakes and frauds day’s are numbered

  • September 20, 2020

    I appreciate your direct approach and comittment. I have failed or been involved with several opportunities that failed me. But I am not a victim . I am determined and driven to find THE solution that brings all of this together.

    • christopher
      September 20, 2020

      Hey Donald that is my father’s name he goes by Mark! Thanks for your feedback it’s greatly appreciate it. Always understand that failure is not always your fault. If you were not given the right information and provided with the wrong expectations failure is inevitable. And yes if you’re and honest and sincere person you more than likely are a victim in someway shape or form. But the fact that you’re willing to look for the solutions and you didn’t give up says a lot about you! I hope that you get value from being in contact with me!

  • Khai
    February 5, 2021

    Thanks for the warm welcome, Chris! You seem friendly, knowledgeable, and I already feel that you truly do care about others and want to do the right thing.

    I’ve been in the home-based business industry and in addition to the things you said about needing soft skills such as communication (which I think is even more important than technical skill honestly), you also need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. You can learn everything about this industry but if you’re not willing to implement what you learn and be okay with making mistakes along the way, you’re not going to be successful.

    • christopher
      February 16, 2021

      Thanks for the kind words it’s true I often feel like people are into big of a hurry to allow the proper gain of trust and credibility. They don’t want to learn they just want the fastest possible way to be successful without learning and without working!

  • May 19, 2021

    This article and welcome video is slick as heck bro, Definitely feel more like I am in good hands then the Guru…. You added flash and puhZazz with real solid information…. Thanks for being a diamond in a big pile of mud online!


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