Who To Trust Online



You’re in the right place! If you are:

1. New to the home based business industry and looking for the place to start and what to do. 

2. Struggling to produce results in your current existing business. 

3. Failing because you’ve tried everything and are not sure who to trust or listen too. 


The purpose of this information is to help you make an informed decision. If you join anything I have to offer that supports my income. Perhaps you’re considering joining someone else in the industry.  You’re on “my simple path to success” because you want education that will help you make the best possible choices available today. Don’t forget there are 2 primary ways that you can follow me down my path to success directly or indirectly.

1. If you’re following me directly then that means you going to participate and follow me in everything I’m involved in by participating in one or more of the options I have available.

2. If you’re following me indirectly then you will become a client in my coaching program to acquire the tools, training and empowerment to get the results you want in your business.



You will learn a lot of things alone just from paying attention. When it comes to business and financial success “knowing who to trust” should not be an option for you. It sounds good to the ears to be able to earn money from people you don’t know, never met or ever talk to. Being on the other end however is certainly doesn’t bring any comfort not knowing where your money is going or who it’s going to. Getting what you pay for should be the absolute least of your concerns when you go to buy something. 

Knowing who you buy from, matters because if you get taken advantage of you’re going to want justice especially online. Most people generally want their money back and if the person is hidden there is a 99% chance that you will never see that money again. The person needs to be who he or she says she is. You need to interview people like interviewing for a job, you need to interrogate people like they’re criminals. You want to do this in such a away that it’s not rude or disrespectful but within reason. 

As a consumer, customer or client you have a right to know who you’re doing to be dealing with, what you’re going to be getting so on and so forth. Don’t be tricked or manipulated by the success of anyone. You learning the process is far more important than seeing their cash if they flash it, or material if they flaunt it. On the internet they should provide enough adequate free educational information to help you make a decision if not at the very least is should point you in the right direction.


More often than not a lot of what you want to see and what nearly everyone demands to see is in plain site. There are 2 types of people and you fall into one category or another. 

1.  You’re someone that honestly wants to learn how to create time and financial freedom online the right way.( you don’t want to be held back) 

2.  You’re someone that wants to create time and financial freedom but you don’t want to learn how to do it or put in the work.

You’re on “my simple path to success”. What’s free to you costs me money to send you the education I promised you when you subscribed to the list. You’re expected to engage and consume this content.  How do you do that? Simple it’s just a few steps:

Step 1 is to watch the video

         2 is to read the text

Step 3 is to ask a question, share your thoughts by leaving a comment, or  start a discussion in the comment section at the bottom of every page I direct you through from your email.


When you find someone you can trust that meets the criteria that is above your expectations great. Don’t waste their time by ignoring them. Don’t waste your time by blowing them off. If they have done everything right to gain your trust look for content they’ve created. Make people work hard to prove themselves. Don’t lend your trust to people so easily. Same with me make me prove myself to you. Make me earn your business. I real person of real substance integrity, a honest person won’t mind. Our work ethic is strong enough that it won’t bother us if you make us work a little harder to gain your trust, 

Never hold others to a standard that you’re not willing to hold yourself to. Never subject others to anything that you’re not willing to subject yourself too. Engage, ask question, provide feedback. If you open my emails and you don’t click the link to view the content. If you don’t engage the content you will get removed off “my simple path to success” again it cost me money and I prefer to make room for others.