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Christopher Jerrod Wright

Your professional internet marketing and network marketing coach. From Wichita, Kansas. Success on or offline is extremely hard work. There is a lot to learn and the information is massive and overloaded. That fact alone makes it hard for people to know what to do and where to start when it comes to building a business or income with the internet. We live in a cruel evil world where people like to lie, cheat and manipulate people. Every day people are taken advantage of because of lack of education and the simple fact they don't know any better. People have spent and lost hours of their valuable time and thousands of dollars of their hard earned money online only to have regrets, disappointments and discouragement. I have built this coaching program which is a training platform to empower people to learn internet marketing the right way. It's designed to get straight to the point and reduce the learning curve for anyone serious about doing this the right and affordable way.

A Place Of Education

I provide 100% free education. I believe that you should be able to make an informed decision without being rushed or pressured. If you don't understand what you're getting into before you do you owe it to yourself to become educated. It's important to understand that not all education is equal or accurate. The first thing you do before making a decision to buy or commit time is learn the good, bad, ugly, pros, cons, the challenges, and the rewards. If more people were properly educated and had realistic expectations set from the start it would help to reduce the failure rate. Those who have the mind that are cut out would jump in with both feet and those who know they don't have what it takes would never get involved. Self education is free everywhere and I believe it should be free because it aids in helping people make decisions they won't later regret. The person you're considering following or giving a chance should provide you with a significant source of education.

A Place Of Training

Training is necessary for every profession that exist. Internet marketing, network marketing, direct sales, affiliate marketing, cpa marketing e commerce and professional marketing in general are no exception to the rule or the principle. It's not enough to have head knowledge or be able to regurgitate what it takes to be successful. To be able to do what it takes to go from possible to reality is what matters. Results matter. If you're serious about the success of your endeavours training is where you learn what to do and how to do the things necessary to get the results you want. Once you've decided how you want to go about building your business/income you need tools, services and resources in order to gravitate towards your success. You need to learn from a skilled professional who doesn't just "say" they know or just "say" they can help you be successful but they should be able to demonstrated and lead you by example.

A Place Of Motivation

Motivation comes in 2 ways internally (self motivation) and externally. You're either going to be motivated to do the right things that lead to success or motivated to fail which leads to quitting. Regardless of what happens your outcome is at the mercy of your mental habits. Motivation hits the same for all however if you have a weaker mindset you're likely to fail if you can't recover, embrace or absorb the impact. No one is entitled to or guaranteed external motivation it's nice. Motivation doesn't always feel good it's nice when it does. Motivation demands truth! Do you have what it takes to succeed regardless of the difficulty? Will you keep going? Will you continue pressing forward when it seems impossible? True motivation will force your choices in one way or another.

A Place Of Inspiration

Support is nice if you can get it. Inspiration is not something we're entitled to or guaranteed. It is something we need. It is good to know of and to hear about people who have overcome and accomplished success when all odds were stacked against them. Inspiration is necessary to help us understand we can accomplish what we set out to do regardless of difficulties, setbacks and anything that might derail us from staying on track to reach success. Inspiration is a good way to combat depression that can come from failure and frustrations. If one person can have success so can you. You need people in your corner that believe in you. If you can get that kind of support great.



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